Zai @ 36 Months

This post is long overdue. Zai is already 37 months approaching 38 months now. But I still want to blog about it, as this marks the end of his milestone charting as well as his “toddler-hood”.

I still recall when he was first born, I started charting his progress mainly to keep track of the little things that happened along the way. And also to keep this blog alive. Time zoomed pass and now is time for the “graduation” charting post.

Mastered Skills

  • Can describe how two objects are used.
    Well, I think he can. But sometimes he will get so excited that he rushes into his words and the order of things become jumble up.
  • Uses four to five words in a sentence.
    Since he started school, we have no worries about his language skills. He has been improving leaps and bounds.
  • Names two actions (e.g. skipping, jumping).
    Jumping definitely he can. Not so sure if he understands “skipping” yet. But others like “walking”, “rolling”, “swinging”, etc he knows and uses them frequently.

Emerging Skills

  • Balances on each foot for three seconds.
    Oh, these days he love to stand on one foot and exclaim happily to me that he can “balance”. Most time I sees him holding onto a pillar or something. I’m not sure if he can balance without support.
  • Can follow a two- or three-component command.
    Two definitely no issues. Three sometimes possible sometimes not. We also learn from his teachers that most time he can follow a two component command.
  • Separates fairly easily from parents.
    Depend on who, where and what is the scenario. Give him a playground, he can happily jump into it. Ask him to follow his GuGu is not an issue. But sometimes he will still stick with the parents. Chubby also mention to me that in the morning when he brings him to school, sometimes he will “stick” to him and refuses to join his friends. This continues until the teacher he prefers come out to start some activity. So, I’m not too sure about this.

Advanced Skills

  • Hops and skips
    Not yet. He just mastered the skills to “run” more properly now.
  • Draws a circle
    If it is not really round is it considered? I have seen him drawing circles, but its really not that round. I mean its not really even oval. His fine motor skills really need lots of improvement. This is also something the teacher mention.
    Just yesterday he got a sticker stucked to his palm. He tries flinging his hand to get ride of the sticker (which is quite big). I reminded him that he can use his “fingers”. And so he uses his fingers to peel it off. But he sticks it onto my Tee instead. I told him I’m sad, because I helped him but he decides to stick onto me. So he tried taking it off me, but the sticker got stuck onto his palm again. “Sadly”, he tries flinging his hand again and forgot about his fingers. I reminded him, but he didn’t want to use but continue flinging. Finally, the sticker dropped off from his palm. I think I should do more of such excercises to remind him the use of fingers.
  • Gets dressed without help
    Thanks to school’s training, he can do this but with condition. Sometimes you see that his pants is the wrong way round. And when he is at home, he always asks us to do it for him. Trying to make use of us where possible, that “lazy” boy.

So that marks the end of the charting. I will still try to chart some of his progress after this on an ad-hoc basis. Oh, how I will miss doing this kind of charting. Writing and recalling what had happened. But my boy has grown up. He can now safely play most of the toys out in the market.


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