Talkative Thursday: Talkative Son (Apr ’13)

My talkative son is back again. More funny moments from him.


While on the way back from Cameron Highlands, I told the boy that I had to take the front passenger seat as I have motion sickness and might puke. So his MaaMaa had to take care of him. He wasn’t happy about it and cried. But my MIL manage to convince him and make him seat with her.

After like 5 minutes of the journey, the boy stood up from his seat, poke his head to the front, look at me and said “MiMi you better already” and insist on coming to seat in front with me.

Well, to a boy 5 minutes is very long isn’t it?


After my muscle spasm, I could hardly get out of bed.

Me: Baby, MiMi backache, back pain pain. Cannot play with you, ok?
He fiddles around the basket beside my bed which houses all the baby products like moisturizer, nappy cream, etc. Finally he took out a diaper cream that is in a tube form.
Son: MiMi, put this. You better already.
I smile not because of what he chose but because he is so sweet. As to why he choose that diaper cream, our guess is that whenever he has pain on his butt, we applied that for him. And he also sees my MIL apply some ache rub that is in a tube form. So he thought that will help relieve my pain too.


Again after my muscle spasm, finally one day I have the energy to feed him at the dinner table.

Son: MeeMee you better already.
(After about 1 minute)
Son: (While kneeling on the chair by the dinner table): I aching already.
Me: Where are you aching? (I thought he was having a tummy ache since we were eating).
Son: I aching already (And he starts to point to his lower back). Need to put pillow.

I don’t know if he is laughing at me, cause during that period I need a pillow to be placed at the chair to provide me with a better back support.


The son saw Chubby drinking Yalkut, he ran from his chair in the living room to the dining area and asked his DeeDee for it.

Son: DeeDee, share.
Chubby: Oh, did you say share? Yesterday when I asked you for your biscuit what did you do?
Son (pretends he never hears Chubby and asks again): DeeDee, share.
Chubby has already finished his bottle of Yalkut. So he went to the fridge and took out another bottle. Brought the boy back to the living room, squat down and talked to him.
Chubby: Zai, you say share right? Yesterday when I asked you to share your biscuit with me, what did you do? You ran all the way back into the kitchen, hide in one corner to eat.
Chubby proceed to replay what the boy did yesterday and hide in a corner to “drink” the yalkut.
The son was very upset and chases after his DeeDee. And when he caught up with him, he cries and say
Son: You cannot drink 2 bottle.
Chubby: Why?
Son: Later you tummy ache. And somebody will be sad.
(Both Chubby and myself is surprise that he say “somebody” will be sad)
Chubby: Who?
Son: (Looks around…) MiMi… MeiMei…….. and Me.
Chubby: Oh, why?
Son: Cause we don’t have

So he thinks we will be upset cause we don’t get our Yalkut and not because DeeDee have a tummy ache. For a while, I thought my son has grown up and is so caring that he is upset when DeeDee is in pain.


That is all I can remember for now. I should do this more often so that I can capture more of such wonderful events.


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