Muscle Spasm – Aftermath (3)

Now that the incident is slowly getting over (I certainly hope so), I want to reflect back on what happened during this period.

Taking Care of Myself
I admit all the backaches started from my improper posture while breastfeeding my girl and when I was expressing out milk for her. I didn’t find a proper place to express when I’m home. I just sat down on the floor with no proper back support and slouch most of the time. Carrying the kids is also an issue. With them getting heavier by the days, I sometime just stick out my hip and place them on it when I carry them. We all know that is very bad for our posture. But sometimes, I just couldn’t help it. And I always ask myself for how long can I still carry them? Very soon they will be running on their own not wanting to be restricted by me. So I should cherish these moments.

What has been done, cannot be undone. From now on, I will remind myself to use a proper posture when I carry the kids. I should also take good care of myself as my kids still needs me a lot.

Spending more time with my girl
I also need to spend more time with my girl and give her more sense of security. During my audit I was talking to my QA manager and I spoke about how my girl always wake up in the middle of the night and wanting me to sleep with her. Her first reaction was that my girl lacks a sense of security. It had never occur to me the reason is so. But now that she mention, I think it makes lots of sense.

Besides, during this whole incident, Chubby was a little impatient with her as she insists on wanting me to carry her or me sleeping in her bed. She got caned by Chubby on one night and she ran into the room hide in her bed and started sucking her thumb. This again reminded me about a research I once did when she started sucking her thumb when she was still a baby. I read that a lot of time babies started sucking their thumb because they felt neglected and the sucking action give them a sense of comfort. Again, this is a timely reminder that we didn’t spend enough time with her.

I spoke to Chubby about this, he agrees with me. And also admits that he didn’t spend as much time with her as compare to our boy. He make a concious effort to play more with her. For me I also spend more time with her since I’m on MC and HL this few days. She appears to be better. At least she allows her daddy to soothe her back to sleep at night so I can get my rest.

We both hope we can spend more time with her from now on. With her brother around sometimes this really prove to be difficult. Maybe we need to take leave on certain days and bring her out for a one-to-one session.

Hospital A&E
Having visit the A&E twice in 3 days, I must say that it is really a horrible wait. I wonder if more can be done like having more doctors on duty rather than just 3. Yes, I agree that some cases that came in may be quite trivial, but on a Sunday night where most GPs are close, doesn’t it make sense to have more doctors working? And for cases like mine, I’m not sure if GP will be able to help since they can’t take an X-Ray there to have a preliminary diagnosis. Oh, and lets not forget that our government want a population growth to 6.9 million in 17 years time. By then, I will be 51, and I will need a robust healthcare system even more. I really can’t imagine.

While in the observation ward of the A&E, I had two fellow patient (one after another) in the same room as me. Co-incidentally, both are elder ladies. From the brief time they were there, I can see how it is a fear for everyone, when they need to stay in the hospital. The first old lady keep telling her relative that there isn’t a need to stay in hospital, its something very minor. And luckily for her she doesn’t need to be admitted officially. The second lady was not so lucky. She needs to be warded, and she couldn’t believe it and asked why so, since she is just having diarrhoeal. Instead of answering her, the nurse decides to talk to her son first and gotten his consent and told her that her son had agreed. It sounds a little heartless, but I guess the nurse is use to elder patients who refuse to be warded. I also heard of a patient in another room refusing to be warded and insist on going home.

I think for old people they really have the fear of staying in hospital. The fear that once inside they won’t be able to get out. Not only them, I guess for younger people like me also don’t wish to be warded. But if the need really comes, we probably will go along better than the elder folks. Illness is something that we all fear and yet can’t run away from.


Having say all these I just wish everyone (myself including) a good health. Stay fit for ourselves and for our love ones, cause they suffer together with you when you fall ill.


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