Muscle Spasm (2)

On Monday, I ate the painkillers and tried resting at home. I spend most of the day lying down on the bed. My girl saw me and wanted me to carry her or played with her. I had to keep explaining to her that I couldn’t do it as my back is painful. I felt bad. I couldn’t give her the basic comfort she need from her mum. I was again very angry with myself.

Tuesday came and I thought I was better. But it turn out worst. I could hardly walked to the toilet to brush my teeth or sit down on the toilet bowl. Chubby felt that I should go back to A&E and see what else can be done. He suggested calling in the ambulance. But due to “face” issue, I insist that I will be able to walk to the car. So he drove us there. When we reach, he tried to get me a wheel chair. While he was struggling with it, a nurse came out to help and asked what is wrong with me. Chubby says I was under severe lower back pain. So they asked if I wanted the “bed” instead. Not wanting to act strong anymore, I said yes. And I was put onto a trolley bed and immediately wheeled to the critical care department of the A&E.

Once inside, the doctor came to look at me. Asked similar question as they did on Sunday and I told them I didn’t feel better after the pain killers. They did a few more checks and push me to a temporary area to wait as they “observe” me. I was given a few more pain killers and asked to rest there.

A few hours later, the doctor came to check. She asked me to stand up and walk which I tried but it still hurts a lot. So she say she probably have to ward me for another 8 hours to observe. So I was briefed and warded into the A&E observation ward. While there, they basically just gave me more painkillers and ask me to lie on the bed.

But indeed I got “better”. I was able to walk to the toilet without feeling the sharp pain. The doctor came just before dinner time and asked how I’m doing. I told him and ask more questions. The conclusion they arrive is that I’m suffering from Muscle Spasm. This is mostly due to poor posture. It starts with a small amount of muscle will go into spasm and it will go away on its own quite fast. However, as it goes into spasm, it pulls the nearby muscle with it. So the area of the spasm will get bigger and bigger. I think his explanation make sense since I have been experience back aches for quite a while.

I checked on the likelihood of a slip disc. He says that it is unlikely as slip disc normally have a numbing effect on the leg if it is at the lower back. But for me I don’t have any of such feeling. So its more likely to be a muscle spasm and the only way to help is to do physio to strengthen the back muscle. He says that it is likely to occur again, so I have to take special care and to do my physio diligently.

I was relieve to know that it is not a slip disc. This means I don’t have to operate. I told myself that I will be a good girl and will do my physio as per instructed.

Today is Friday. my back still hurts. I couldn’t really sit for long, I wonder how am I going to survive work on Monday. But nonetheless I’m glad that this incident is slowly getting over. I wish to carry my kids once again and hope that the day comes soon.


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