Muscle Spasm (1)

I have been really quiet this two weeks because work got me really busy in the first week of April and health caught up with me on the 2nd.

I have an audit to take care on top of my usual work stuff in the first week of April. I was thankful that I still manage to knock off on time during that week, to come home and play with my kids although I’m so tired that I could just crash into bed and sleep.

Finally, my audit was over on Friday morning. That morning, Chubby bought the kids to play truant and ended up in Hokey Pokey in the morning and a swim in the evening. We went to chomp chomp to had a really sinful dinner that night. After having “de-stress”, we brought the kids to botanic garden for breakfast on Saturday morning. It looks like a perfect way to spend the weekend.

On Sunday we brought the kids to my parents place and even came home earlier so the kids can play with their cousin. Just as I was stepping into the bath room trying to take a shower, something weird happened. I felt my back “giving way”. I had to hold on to something in order to stand up. I quickly shower myself, hoping for the pain to go away. But it didn’t.

It was already close to 9pm when it happened. I called Chubby into the room and he helped checked on the closing time of the clinic nearby. The website stated 10pm. Together, we slowly walked over as walking is causing a strain on my lower back. When we reach the clinic at about 9:20pm, the nurse at the counter said they are closed! And their operating hour is until 9:30pm! The doctor have just left.

Imagine how I was feeling, enduring all the pain to walk to their clinic and was cheated by the website operating hours. This is the 2nd time it happened to us. The website didn’t update their operating hours accordingly. I couldn’t imagine how such a big Parkway Health Group can let such a small thing happen. Maybe its really so small that it doesn’t matter to them.

Chubby have no choice but to flag a cab to send us to SGH, the nearest hospital. Well, at least when I reach SGH, I was put onto wheel chair so I don’t have to walk around. But the wait at A&E was horrible. I waited for about 2 hours before my number was called. By then, my pain has worsen. Even sitting down causes a strain on my back. When I was wheeled into the doctor’s room, I could still lie down flat on my back and try raising my legs as per instructed.

I was given a jab on my waist area to help relieve the pain. But I didn’t feel it work cause I felt more pain after that. I was sent to the X-Ray department to take my X-Ray. I waited for a while before I was wheeled into the x-ray room. By then, my pain had worsen that I couldn’t even lie down flat on my back. When I turn my body to a certain angle, a sharp pain will shoot across my back. It didn’t help that the radiologist tries to “help” by pushing my body. We tried a few times and I couldn’t lie down flat for her to take a proper x-ray.

She had no choice but to call in other nurses to help (which, till now I don’t know how it helps). While, she was gone, I slowly inch myself to lie flat. I realise without her forceful “help”, I could lie down better and is able to get my back almost flat on the x-ray machine. When she is back with the other nurses, they could only ask “You really can’t lie flat on your back?”, “Very Painful”. Yes I have a low threshold for pain. And yes its very painful. But I was too painful at that point of time to be angry or upset with them. I didn’t bother about them but just slowly inch myself to a position where they can take the X-ray as best as possible.

And finally, I make it to 90% and I asked if this is good enough. The radiologist say we can try to take and see how it comes out. And luckily it turns out okay. So I was sent back to wait again for the doctor to call. After seeing my x-ray, the doctor says everything seems alright. He can’t deduce anything from the x-ray. He says it could be a slip disc or just muscle spasm. Which is treated the same way. So I was sent home with some pain killers, 3 days MC and an appointment with the orthopaedic in 1 month time.

I can’t imagine that I reach SGH and register myself at before 10pm and left the place after 12am. So much for being an A&E. When I reach home, lying on the bed is also a challenge. I could hardly move myself around. And my girl is not in her best behaviour and is crying for me to sleep with her on her bed, which I obviously can’t do at that moment. So against her struggle, we put her up on our bed, pat and sang to her to soothe her back to sleep.

It was a tiring night as I could hardly sleep with all the pain. And the fear that I have a slip disc lingers around me. I was angry that I didn’t take good care of myself. The backache issue has been bothering for about half a year, but I didn’t do much about it and let it worsen. How am I to take care of my kids now.

I was really angry and upset and praying that it is not slip disc… (TBC)


2 thoughts on “Muscle Spasm (1)

  1. Oh my! I pulled a back muscle before trying to put #2 into the car seat, so bad that each step was painful. It took a few days and a lot of massage and a trip to tui na before it eventually subsided. Can’t imagine your pain and having to go A&E is a pain in itself haha.

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