Zai Terrific 3 Birthday – Part 1

This post is long over due. We celebrated Zai’s third birthday a few weeks back. As his birthday falls on a Sunday, we had a series of celebration starting on Friday in school.

I asked the boy what birthday cake he would like to have for his birthday party. He couldn’t give me an answer. So I decide to go with the “Mickey Mouse” theme since I saw online a few months back on how to make a Mickey Mouse goodie bag and he does like Mickey Mouse. However, in the end we didn’t pack a “goodie” bag but decided to get some crayons for the kids.

Crayons for Zai's Classmates
Crayons for Zai’s Classmates

However, I still tried to wrap the crayons into Mickey Mouse. Here is the final product.

Gifts for Zai's Classmates
Mickey Mouse Wrapping

I must say I underestimated the effort required to do the wrapping. We brought 25 boxes and it took us about 5 nights to cut the paper and wrap it up. My fingers were sore from all the cutting and wrapping. But when I showed the box to Zai, he was able to recognise Mickey immediately and can’t wait to get his hands on it. But sorry my boy, its for your friends.

As Zai has a classmate that is only 1 day older then him, we decided not to buy a big cake as we are quite sure the class won’t be able to finish them. So in the end, we decide to get some cup cakes like last year, so the kids can bring back home if they didn’t eat it. Thanks to some Mommies from SMB, we found out about Whips Cupcake. Look at the cute and yummy cupcake they baked for us.

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes from Whips Cupcakes
Mickey Mouse Cupcakes from Whips Cupcakes

We opt for the mini size cupcake instead of the normal size since its for young children. The total cost for the 30 mini cupcakes with the Mickey Mouse fondant costs us SGD100. I wouldn’t say its cheap, but it certainly was a hit among the kids (The photo below is a good proof). Hence, I will say its money well spent.

Birthday Boy and Girl
Birthday Boy and Girl

Coincidentally, the Birthday Girl requested for a Minnie Mouse theme from her Mummy. The big chocolate cake with the Minnie Mouse candles were for her.

Family Photo w Cakes
Family Photo w Cakes

A family photo before they started singing their birthday song. Look at the smile on Zai’s face. I’m very sure he was really happy that day. I heard from his teachers that before he went for his nap, he told the teachers he is going to have “Mickey Mouse birthday”. His mood was so good that he ate one cupcake and 2 slices of cake that afternoon. Not very usual of him.

Zai enjoying cakes
Zai enjoying cakes

I was really glad that he liked his birthday “cake” and the little presents for his friends. It took some effort on our side, but the smiles on his face are well worth it. And we are also glad that most of his friends enjoyed the cupcakes too.

Like what Chubby mention, the most important thing about a birthday celebration is how happy the kids are. Especially the birthday boy/girl. So I think we shouldn’t over indulge but look at what really makes them happy. A simple cake design and time spent with them may be all that they are looking for.


2 thoughts on “Zai Terrific 3 Birthday – Part 1

  1. The cupcakes are so cute!! Anyway I do agree that we shouldn’t over-indulge our kids. The amount of money parents spend on their kids birthdays these days is truly shocking! Zai looks like he had great fun though!

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