Letter to Zai: You are 3!

Dear Zai,

You celebrated your 3rd birthday more than a week ago. Mommy wanted to write you this letter on the day you turn 3, but alas, work caught up with Mommy and Mommy couldn’t find the time to do it until now. Mommy hope you have enjoyed your birthday celebration this year. As you celebrated your 3rd birthday, Mommy also celebrated her 3 years of Mommyhood.


Mommy is really thankful of you coming into my life. You make Mommy understand alot of things. As you grow, Mommy is also exploring and learning with you in becoming a better person and a better Mommy. Hopefully, you have enjoyed me as your Mommy thus far (If you don’t, too bad, Mommy is here to stay).


This year is a better year for you. Mommy remembered the frightening experience from your gastrointestinal attack that sent you to fits in the previous year. This year you still suffer from loose stools on and off but nothing that serious. Hopefully, you will not have such attacks again. So lets all try to keep your little tummy a little healthier.

You still fall sick like every other month. No choice since you go to the school and is bound to be more prone to illness. This is why Daddy and Mommy have been bringing you to TCM every week, hopefully we can help strengthen your spleen, stomach and intestine, so that you can absorb nutrients better and is able to have a healthier body. Thereby reducing your chance of falling sick. I know you don’t like the “yucky” medicine that you have to eat 3 times a day, but so far you have been a rather good boy in finishing them. Mommy hope you will continue to do the same for the days to come. Really, this is for your own good.


Daddy brought you for your developmental check. And sadly you fall in the 25 percentile. This means you are skinnier and shorter than most of your peers. But at least your BMI are normal, which means you are neither over nor under weight. Daddy and Mommy hope that with a healthier body, you will be able to grow better.


Mommy is glad that you didn’t have much “terrible two” so to speak. I think your teachers at school have taught you well and also guide Daddy and Mommy in helping you curb with your tantrums. There was a time you actually laid on a shopping mall floor and cried, but its only once, and it is also probably due to the lack of sleep that cause you to be so cranky. And its Daddy and Mommy’s fault for resulting you in missing your nap.

Otherwise, Mommy and Daddy are pretty happy with your character development. You are generally still friendly and helpful. Can be independent but always don’t want to when Daddy and Mommy is not around. And you are not afraid to own up when you did something wrong, which Mommy really treasures and hope that you remain that way.

However, sometime you can be rather determined in the wrong way. Refusing to apologize or ask nicely when you are required to. Mommy is not sure if it is because you didn’t understand which is why you don’t do it or you simply refuse to. Because, there are times where you will just do it automatically.

You still have yet to play fully with your friends. There are times I have seen you play with your cousins, but I heard from your teacher, most times you are still playing alone. Mommy hope that you will soon learn how to play with them as Mommy feels that it is important to have good friends in life.


Well, you have learn to use the word “favourite” sometime back. So your favourite fruit now is no longer banana or grapes but pineapple. Your favourite character is Cinderella (Yes, Mommy is still a little worried that you are a little too feminine).

According to you the animal that you are afraid most is Monkey but your favourite animal is Orang Utan. Hmm, isn’t an Orang Utan from the Monkey family?

Your favourite drink has got to be “Mango Juice”. It is actually Mango flavored yogurt drink. Mommy gave it to you cause we added probiotics in hoping that it will do your intestine some good.


You still co-sleep with MaaMaa. Daddy and Mommy have tried carrying you back to our room after you fall asleep on the days when you are sick so as to take care of you. However, many times, you will wake up in the middle of the night crying and asking to go find and sleep with MaaMaa. Even in the morning when you wake up and MaaMaa is not sleeping beside you, you will come out of the room crying and looking for her. Seriously, Mommy is a little jealous of this.

You still play with your belly button when you drink your milk or when you are trying to fall asleep. Well, sometimes you belly button can turn quite red. Mommy hope you can get rid of this habit soon.

You love listening to stories and will request for the story to be constantly repeated until you can almost memorize the lines. Mommy is really glad that you actually enjoy listening to stories. Hopefully when you get older, you will continue to read on your own and tell Mommy the stories that you have read.

All in all, you had a pretty good two year old. Mommy hope that you will have a terrific (as in good, not terrifying) three. Mommy wish you good health and also good growth in your physical, mental and character.

Mommy Love you Always!

Hugs and Kisses,


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