Loi @ 17 Months

This is a backdated post. Loi has already turned 18 months as I’m typing this. But I still wish to chart her progress at 17 months.

Mastered Skills

  • Uses a handful of words regularly
    Is calling us considered? Hahaha. Actually she does use “don want”, “Bath”, “Mulk (Milk)”, “TV”, “Ball”, “GaiGai”, “Shoe” quite regularly.
  • Enjoys pretend games
    Yes. She loves playing “cooking”. Actually, most time she just stirs a spoon or ladle in a cup or pot and tries feeding us.
  • Likes riding toys
    Yes. She was at a friend house and keeps on going in to his toy car. Climbing in and out. We have our own ride toy but she hardly move with it as I think the toy is a little too fat for her to move around freely.

Emerging Skills

  • Responds to direction (e.g. Sit Down)
    Yes. We have taught her to put her milk bottle to the sink after she is done. Or throwing away her own diaper. On and off, we also request her to help bring some things to us while we laze in the chair (opps).
  • Feeds Doll
    As mention, she prefers to feed us.
  • Talks more clearly
    Nope. Both my kids speech development are slower. Well, but I’m not too worried since my boy can talk fluently after he entered school. I hope the girl will be the same.

Advanced Skills

  • Dances to music
    Yes. But mostly because she sees us doing it or she is watching TV and the kids are dancing inside the show.
  • Sorts toys by color, shape or size
    Not really. I have always wanted to play sorting games with them. But can’t really find the materials.
  • Kicks ball foward
    Yes. She loves playing the ball. But I’m not sure if she is really kicking it, or just happen to “stumble” to the ball.

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