Loi @ 16 Months

Chart from babycenter.com.sg

Mastered Skills

  • Turn the pages of a book
    Yes. She has developed a habit that everyday when I reach home, she will go to the cupboard and say “book book”. I will bring out the bags of book from the library and she will start flipping them. Well, but so far she only read books with “Maisy”.
  • Has temper tantrums when frustrated
    Yes. She will scream loudly when she doesn’t get her way. I feel that her terrible twos are starting and way too early. I have also seen her hitting her bro for taking her toys and exclaim “beat beat” when they appear to be “naughty”.
  • Becomes attached to a soft toy or other object
    Not really. She don’t have a soft toy that she cuddles alot. Unless you consider her new cousin KR. She loves going into my MIL room early in the morning and say “Baby”. Her reference to KR. But now that KR is home, she also didn’t appear overly upset. So I would say no for this.

Emerging Skills

  • Discovers joy of climbing
    Yes. She loves to climb onto chairs to sit down. Even at our dinner table, she will also attempt to climb up the chairs. But luckily, she doesn’t have access to the windows yet. *choy*
  • Stacks three bricks
    I think so. If mega blocks is counted.
  • Learns the correct way to use common objects
    Yes. Telephone is her favourite. She will put it to her ear. Oh, so will she put the thermometer too. And what else?

Advanced Skills

  • Takes off one piece of clothing by herself
    Nope. If we pull down her pants, she will step out. But she can’t really pull down her pants herself.
  • Gets fussy about food
    Thanks God, no. So far she is still quite receptive of all kinds of food. Hope this continues.
  • Switches from two daytime sleeps to one
    I think she is slowly getting there. She sleeps longer in her morning nap. And can sometime skip her afternoon nap. But we hope she can sleep a little more so the adult can have peace. *opps*

Again Mummy guilt is working. Our girl is so adorable now. But Mummy has so little time for her. I remember doing much more with the boy, but for her, I feel I have not done enough. I hope to find more time to read with her, play with her and bring her out for a swim or to the playground. I have make it a point to bring her to the playground alone on weekend mornings if she wakes up early. I hope to continue with this. It is a special moment for us to spend time alone together before time catches up on us.


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