Photo *Heart* Fridays: Water Fun

Thanks to MummyEd, we got a free ELC Sand and Water Table. The kids have lots of fun with it.

Kids with ELC Table
Kids with ELC Table

On the first day I brought it home, they played it in the bathroom. Lucky, that we had a dedicated bathroom that fits this table in nicely (without the legs). They were pouring water into the funnel, and when that is not enough, they brought in their watering can and an empty water bottle. It sure was so fun that my girl got totally drenched.

On the 2nd day, the boy wanted to play with it again. In fact, he wanted to bathe in it. So I pulled out the table, lay it in the bathroom and he sat in one side of the table. The other side serve as his water source as he scoop the water from there and pour it into the funnels again. When he finishes the water, he insist I top it up with more.

Last Sunday, we brought the table outside to the huge corridor that we had. And this time round, all 4 kids can play together. We limited them to just 2 pails of water. We stopped after they finishes them up. Again, the girl was totally drenched. I think the brother has been deliberately splashing onto her.

The boy has been bugging to use the table as a bath tub since. Even at night where, we normally just wipe him, he insist that he wants a bath in that table. When he sees his cousins having their bath, he wants to join in too. In fact, he got so anxious that he took off his own clothes without help from us. A sure way to motivate my boy to be independent.

I’m so glad to see the smiles on their faces. But I dare not look at my utilities for the month. *sigh*


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