Talkative Thursday: Talkative Son @ 35 Months

My talkative son series is back! *Warning: Rated PG*


Zai: Daddy is the beast.
Me: Oh, so I must be Belle.
Zai: Noooooo… I’m Belle.
Me: But Belle is a girl right? So I’m Belle.
Zai: Noooooo… MiMi is the teapot. MeiMei is the teacup. MaaMaa is the candle and GuGu is the clock.

I Lost.


We were in a lift about to send Zai to school and he request to be carried.

Daddy: We are still in the lift. Not in the carpark yet, why do you need to be carried?
Me: Come, MiMi carry.
Zai: Don’t want, because I’m a boy.
Daddy: Eh.. So Cinderella is a girl or boy?
Me: So Belle is girl or boy?
Zai (refuse to answer and give us a sheepish smile).

Zai Lost.


It was a Sunday afternoon. Zai little cousin KR was napping on our bed. Zai came into our room climbed onto our bed and exclaim.

Zai: MaaMaa… MaaMaa.. Look!
MIL: What is it?
Zai: MaaMaa… Look! KR never close his eyes. KR is not sleeping!

KR Lost.


Zai and Loi were playing with water in the bathroom. I proceed to bathe them together since they were both wet.

Zai: *Exclaim* MiMi, MeiMei has no gugu! MeiMei gugu fly away!
Me: Yah. If you don’t wear your pants later, your gugu will also fly away.
(Ok, wrong info for the kids. But that is how to get my boy to dress up after bath)

Loi Lost. (Ok, its time I stop bathing them together too.)

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