Little Ones Reading Jan 2013

This month, for the girl, I concentrated on “sounds” since I find that she loves “Mr Brown can Moo” by Dr Seuss. So when I stumbled onto this two books, I just have to borrow for her.

Can You Moo Too
Can You Moo Too
Can you choo choo too
Can you choo choo too

For the two books, there are one sentence in each page, stating the sound that the animal or transport vehicle make. She likes the animal book better. Some how, the sounds trickle her and her favourite is the gorilla. I added more to the book by describing the background color of the book, as there is a different color in each page.

I touch
I touch

I remembered Zai loves Helen Oxenbury books. Unfortunately I couldn’t borrow any of her story books that day, and only came across this “word” book. It’s just a word on each page stating the type of object the baby can touch. It didn’t arouse much interest in the girl.


Last month, I read to Zai “One mole digging a hole” and he loves it. So this month, more books from Julia Donaldson! I manage to borrow “One mole digging a hole” again, this month. And before the end of the month, the boy could memorize the whole book! Initially, I thought he remember base on the picture but there was once we were in the car, and I can’t remember what triggered him, he started reciting the whole book out to me. Well, through the book he has learned more gardening related terms which I’m really happy about.

This month favourite for Zai has to be this.

Goat goes to playgroup
Goat goes to playgroup

I think the boy can identify with the story which is why he likes the book so much. He keeps on “bugging” me to read and re-read the book to him. The book talks about how Goat went through his day at school. And Goat is the one who “monkeys” around in school not exactly following instruction. Well, I think the Goat reminds the boy about him. Cause I have heard his teachers mentioning that he walks around in the class when everyone else was working on something. I hope this book didn’t encourage his behavior.
Oh, and by the end of the month, he could recite the book when he sees the pages. As in, he remembers exactly the words in the sentence and not just what is happening. I think my boy has got a rather good memory.

Where's my mom
Where’s my mom

We manage to read this book a few times this month. The book talks about how baby monkey lost his mummy and the butterfly came to help him find. Its a really good book as it describes the behaviors of different kinds of animals. However, it proves to be a little too wordy for the boy. So in the end I summarizes it and read the important parts to him.

Rabbit's Nap
Rabbit’s Nap

The 2nd favourite book of the month. But he only started reading like 1 week before the book was due. As a result, he didn’t get to read it much. I tried looking for the book again in the library, but didn’t manage to get it. Anyway, the book is about the Rabbit trying to take a nap. But he was always disturbed by somebody. Lifting the flap will show the friend who is disturbing him.


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