Loi @ 15 Months

Super late again!

Mastered Skills

  • Plays with Balls
    Oh yes. She loves them and will attempt to raise it above her head and throw them. There was a period, she wakes up every morning and tells me “Ball… Ball”.
  • Vocabulary increases up to five words
    Let me see: Ball, Baby, Milk.. Erm is “MumMum” (food) and “MiMi” (Mummy) considered?
  • Walks backward
    Woah, haven’t seen her do it before. I doubt so.

Emerging Skills

  • Can draw a line
    Not straight but doodles yes.
  • Runs well
    Not really. She is slow and steady kind, unlike the boy.
  • Adopts “no” as his favorite word
    She still uses body language like shaking her head. I guess is also because I have been trying not to use the “no” word on her to avoid her using it back at us.

Advanced Skills

  • Walks up stairs
    By holding one of her hands, yes.
  • “Helps” around the house
    She throws her own diaper and put her own bottle into the basin. But of course with us following behind her. She also uses clothes to pretend as cloth and start “cleaning” up the house. *sigh*
  • Puts his fingers to his mouth and says “shh”

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