Happy New Year @ HK Day 2

Okie, its time to resume on the blogging of the HK trip although its like more than 1 month ago. But well…
The first of the installment is over here.

Milk in Bed
Milk in Bed

Although we had complimentary hotel breakfast, we didn’t go for it on our first morning in Hong Kong. Instead, the kids had milk while they laze in bed and we got my SIL to pack some local fare for us.

Cen Tan Gong Zai Mien
Cen Tan Gong Zai Mien

As you can guess it, its Luncheon meat with egg in Nissin Instant noodle! Actually a little over for breakfast. But not to be miss in Hong Kong right?

Happy Boy and Pork Bun
Happy Boy and his GuGu

My SIL bought Pork Bun for herself. But the pork went to my boy while she ate the bun.

Finally, after all the getting ready, we make our way to Disneyland!

Disneyland Parade
Disneyland Parade

When we reach, the first parade was about to start. So we decide to get a good view and wait instead of exploring around first. The boy was so happy to see all the cartoon characters appearing in front of him. Disneyland is really the dream of all kids.

Loi @ Disneyland
Loi @ Disneyland

The weather was really cold that day. You see the girl all wrapped out. Too bad Loi is too young to enjoy any ride in Disneyland. Nonetheless, she still watch in fascination during the parade and when we took the train around the park. But soon she fell asleep in the nice cool weather.

The boy manage to go on a ride on the “orbitron” and “Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters” in “Tomorrowland”. I was quite surprise he actually came out with a score in the Astro Blasters. But alas, his nap time came and he fell asleep in the stroller, while the adults went to have more exciting rides.

Alfresco Drinking
Alfresco Drinking

And that is the boy after he woke up from his nap and having his milk by the Jungle River Cruise. And that was another ride he took. Till date, he can still recall what he sees during the cruise.

After the cruise, the boy also manage to catch “The Golden Mickey” show and took a ride on the “Cinderella Carousel”, “Dumbo the Flying Elephant” and the  “Mad Hatter Tea Cups”. We were initially reluctant to let him ride on the Tea Cup as he just had dinner we were afraid he would puke. But the boy insist and insist. Even after we brought him to somewhere else, take other rides, he still insist on going into the teacup. We had no choice but to relent and he had a really fun time. Coming out of the tea cup all smiles.

Of course, we ended the day with the fireworks by the castle and an hour long of shopping for souvenirs at the shops.


Its a pity because of their young age, they couldn’t really enjoy the place to the max. But the smiles on their face and eyes lighting up when they see their favorite characters are still valuable. We will probably bring them back again when they are much older and taking care of them is easier. Till then, Disneyland have to wait.


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