Photo *Heart* Fridays: Toddler-In-A-Box


I posted up this photo on my Facebook and added the caption “Toddler for sale. No Manuals Provided”.

I was thinking if “Every child is the same” so “Manuals” can be provided, would motherhood still be such an enjoyment?

Surely when we are in emergency cases (e.g. when the child is sick, etc), we wish for a manual that can help us in getting out of the situation as soon as possible. And reduce the suffering of the kids to the bare minimum. When they are younger and could not communicate, we wish for a manual to tell us exactly what is it that they want.

However, if it is really so, wouldn’t motherhood be “boring”. Of course I don’t wish for emergency cases to happen. However, I think part of the “enjoyment” in motherhood is the discovery process. Discovering the habits of your kids and their behavior etc. The sense of accomplishment when you found out what is it that they want and how you know your kids well now.

Is this a bit like putting my kids up for suffering for my own enjoyment? I don’t know. What do you think? Do you prefer to have a “manual” that teaches it all? Or you prefer the road of discovery?


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