Tuesday with Morrie – Threaten

“People are only mean when they are threatened.”
True? I think and hope so…


Coincidentally, my immediate boss was sharing with me some of the “politics” that have been going around since he assume a new title at the beginning of the new year. He shared that some people who use to “support” him have turn around since. Well, immediately the quote came to me. Why did these people react this way? The answer is obvious, they felt threaten.


I start to think of little kids. Some kids can be real mean, as a kid what is there to be threaten? Well, I think there still is. For kids, its their position in their parent’s heart or their care givers that they cherish the most. Hence, with new siblings they might be afraid that their position is threaten. And if parents do not handle these with care, chances are, these kids will grow to be mean not only to their siblings but to everybody else.


Having know this, what is the resolution?

Many times, we do not mean harm or have no intention to threaten anybody. However, sometime things just don’t go the way we wanted and there will be people who are just too sensitive and thought we are there to snatch whatever it is from them.

The only way is to try to put people at ease and let them know that you mean no harm. However, this is a skill that I have been learning but is never really successful. Maybe such skills are inborn.

Any crash courses I can attend for this? How about you? What do you think of the quote?


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