Loi @ 14 Months

Mastered Skills

  • Finger Feeds
    I remember Loi’s fine motor skills wasn’t good when she was younger. However, after a little “training” she can now feed herself quite well with her fingers.
  • Empties containers of contents
    Oh, that is her favourite activity now. She loves to take things out from their containers. She starts with taking them out one at a time and after a while she will just  empty the whole container by turning it upside down. But well, I must say, sometime she tries to pack the toys back into the container too.
  • Imitates others
    Yes. She will laugh along when we laugh. Or push a toy cup to our mouth and “ask” us to drink. She will also put a toy spoon into her mouth and go “umm”.

Emerging Skills

  • Toddles Well
    Yup. But she is a lazy girl. She walks at home and along the corridor. But whenever we are down to the ground floor she will insist I carry her.
  • Initiates games
    Hmm. Well sometime she will play “peek-a-boo” with us. Or like mention previously she will bring her toys to us and “ask” us to “eat” or “drink”. I’m not sure if this is considered as initiating games.
  • Points to one body part when asked
    Yup. She knows eyes, hair and mouth I think.

Advanced Skills

  • Uses spoon or fork
    Well she can’t really poke with a fork or scoop with a spoon yet.  But the other day when we were in HK, I poke the fork into a small donut for Zai. But he doesn’t want to eat it. So I left it on his plate while I went on with my breakfast. Without noticing, Loi took it and started eating the donut. Does this translate to using spoon or fork?
  • Matches lids with appropriate containers
    Don’t really think so. I know she can identify a certain cover goes to a certain pot. But I don’t think she can really “match” it. But rather through memory?
  • Pushes and pull toys while walking
    Not really. I have tried passing a toy to pull along, but she doesn’t seem interested.

A month has pass and my girl is becoming less and less a baby. Oh, how I miss them in that stage. But nonetheless, I also enjoy the stage she is in now that she is more mobile and understand our simple instruction. She knows how to throw her own diaper after we change her or put her bottle in the sink after she is done. Of course with “instructions” from us to do it.

The other day she surprise us a little when I told her to throw away an empty Yalkut bottle while we were at an Aunt house. Its her first time there, but she somehow manage to “identify” what is a dustbin.

At the moment she loves to eat. But she always prefer what is on other’s plate then her own. There was one incident where she didn’t finish her porridge but went to eat her cousin’s porridge which was from the same pot. Sometime I really find her funny. But since she is eating well and is not over weight, we let it be for the moment. Hopefully we are not encouraging some bad habit.


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