Zai @ 34 Months

Mastered Skills

  • Names one colour
    Thanks to school, he now knows his color very well. He loves the “Rainbow Song” from “The Cat In The Hat Knows Alot About That” too. We are still trying to teach him the colors in Chinese. So far he is able to name Red (in Chinese), think we need to work harder on the other colors.
  • Carries on a conversation of two to three sentences
    I think no issues on this. The boy loves to rattle these day. And when he makes the first sentence, we will tend to ask him questions to try and engage him further.
  • Names at least four pictures in a book
    Ah~ he is an expert in this. I guess because when I read to him I love to ask him questions. So it has become a habit for him to sometime describe what he sees in a book.

Emerging Skills

  • Builds a tower of eight building bricks
    Generally he has no issue on this and loves stacking blocks and pushing them down. I’m so tempted to buy “CitiBlocs” for him to play as it is known to be more stable. But well, I think I will wait and see how long his interest in building blocks lasts.
  • Uses prepositions
    No issues also. In, On, Under, Below, Over is common in his conversations.
  • Speaks Clearly
    I would say most of the time. Sometime he is a little slower as he needs to “process” and find the words. But I’m not sure is it because I’m used to him which is why I understand what he is trying to say or he really is speaking clearly. Cause sometime my Sis have a problem understanding him.

Advanced Skills

  • Completely toilet trained during the day
    FAIL! *Sigh* I still haven’t manage to get him toilet train. I think we both need to buck up on it.
  • Wiggles Thumb
    Well, haven’t seen him do it before. Maybe can ask him to try.
  • Expresses a wide range of emotions
    Is telling me he is sad consider? I have heard him say it is fun and so happy. But not sure if it is “wide” enough.

This will be the 2nd last milestone update for the boy. He is turning 3 soon. How time flies. We have breeze through his “terrible two” and certainly hope that it is a “terrific three” for us.


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