Longkang Fishing @ Bottle Tree Park

We finally brought the kids to the Bottle Tree Park over the weekend!

The Kids @ Bottle Tree Park
The Kids @ Bottle Tree Park

There are a few activities you can do there, one of them is fishing. Even in fishing there are a few kinds. The main pond normal fishing, the prawn fishing and Longkang Fishing. Its quite obvious we chose Longkang Fishing for the kids.

Longkang Fishing @ Bottle Tree Park
Longkang Fishing @ Bottle Tree Park

So what is Longkang fishing? Basically its catching fishes using nets rather than a fishing rod. For Bottle Tree Park, they charges SGD10 for 1 hour of fishing. The kids will be given a small fish net and a plastic tank. Only the fish net need to be returned at the end of the hour. The rest including the fishes is for the kids to keep. However, we actually saw a notice on the walls stating that there should be a maximum of 5 fishes in each tank. So I’m not sure if the kids are only allowed to bring 5 fishes home. The kids only manage to “catch” 4 which they brought back (and died while on the way home) but I did see a family who went back with one big bag of fishes.

There is also a notice up there stating that adults are not to assist the kids in the fishing. However, we flouted the rules as the activity seems a little difficult for our boy. Actually, as adults, we found it difficult too.

In a nutshell, this is what I found good about the fishing.

  • The kids get to try something different and is closer to nature.
  • Its a training of hand-eye co-ordination. But the fish proves a little too quick for them. Maybe we should bring them when they are older.
  • The kids have fun (that is most important).

What I found not so good:

  • The “pond” was make of rocks. Hence, it can get quite slippery. In fact my niece slip and fell (luckily) on her butt.
  • The fishes were very little. I think that family caught too many fishes and the operator did not top up the little fishes.
  • Poor fishes that died in our hands.
  • The water was quite dirty and smelly. Actually this is normal, just that my boy (who is a water lover) starts splashing the water and even put his head into the pond. (Think its time to bring him back to the swimming pool).
  • There was no shower facilities at the near-by toilet. I guess nobody will be like my boy who starts splashing dirty water. But I think they should at least have an area for the kids to clean up and wash their feet after their fishing.

Well, while the older kids had fun with their longkang fishing, the girl had fun fishing for soft toys too.

Loi @ Bottle Tree Park
Loi @ Bottle Tree Park

Its a fun filled activity. We will probably bring the kids back when they are slightly older.


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