A Peek at my Diaper Bag

My MIL has commented on my diaper bag for a few times. She cannot understand why I always bring such a big bag when we are out with the kids. Well, to me its better to be “safe” then sorry. So here is a peek into my diaper bag and for you all to comment if I’m too “kiasu”. 😛

My Diaper Bag
My Diaper Bag

This is my “huge” diaper bag. I bought it from qoo10 (formally known as GMarket). I like how the material is light and it has lots of compartments! Okie I’m an organize freak, I don’t like my bag to be in a pile of mess. So I prefer to have compartments and I can slot everything accordingly. There are 3 pockets at the “front”, 2 at the “back” and 1 on each side.

These are what goes inside the front and back pockets.

My Diaper Bag - Front and Back Pocket Contents
My Diaper Bag – Front and Back Pocket Contents

Top Left: This goes to one of the front pocket. It contains the kids cutlery and the scissors for cutting their food. I place them in a small bag I got from flying with SIA.
Top Right: The hand sanitizer for the kids, the detergent to wash their cutlery after meals and a “first-aid” cream for minor cuts. These goes into another front pocket.
Bottom Left: Wet wipes in one of the back pocket. I carry 3 different kinds (ok, Kiasu). One normal wet wipes for cleaning their butt and all. The First Year wet wipes to clean their cutlery if I don’t get to wash them. And the Hand Sanitizing wipes to clean their hands before meal. And a little face towel just in case they need to dry their hand (or butt) after washing.
Bottom RightTravel pack tissue also in the back pocket. I use to carry just pocket size tissue. But its not enough with the kids. So I have upgraded the “size”.

Not shown in the above pic is a few plastic bags of different sizes in the front pocket. You never know when you will need one. Especially for soiled clothes or diapers. I also place their water bottles at the side pocket (one on each side).

Now, we shall see the “inside” of the bag.

My Diaper Bag - Inside
My Diaper Bag – Inside

This is what you see when you open up the bag. I thought it looks quite neat as it is “bags” within a bag. I told you I’m an organize freak *laughs*.

My Diaper Bags - Snacks
My Diaper Bags – Snacks

At the top of the “bags”, its the snacks for the kids. This is a must, cause that is the only way I can make the girl sit in her car seat these days. This also comes in handy when we didn’t manage to find food in time, at least there is something to kill (part of their) hunger.

My Diaper Bag - Bags in Bag
My Diaper Bag – Bags in Bag

And so, there are a total of 3 bags within the bag. So what is inside each bag?

My Diaper Bag - Inside the Bags
My Diaper Bag – Inside the Bags

Top Left: These are actually not inside the smaller bags, but on the two large “divider” build within each side of the diaper bag. From top left the changing mat which I brought over from my previous diaper bag, a Milo fan to its right (needed cause sometime it gets really hot outside, especially when they sleep in the stroller), two bibs for the kids and some “air-sickness bag”. The air-sickness bag is for me to bag their diaper with poo inside before I dump them into a bin. My smell from my boy’s poo can be quite potent and most diaper bins in SG are sadly not well covered enough. So as a considerate Mummy, I think its better for me to bag my boy’s soiled diaper in the air-sickness bag. I always asks relatives and friends to help me take these air-sickness bags when they go travelling. 😛
Top Right: Inside the green bag, it contains an extra set of clothing for both the kids. Jackets in case we go into a freezing shopping mall. Blanket in case they fell asleep in the stroller while we are in a mall and asking them to wear jacket seems unlikely. And socks in case they feel cold at the feet or when we decide to pop by some indoor playground.
Bottom Left: This is the real diaper bag. It is a document bag I got from Diaso. Inside it contains 4 diapers each for the kids and a baby balm.
Bottom Right: A small blue pouch where I keep an extra packet of wet wipes (in case I run out), a body wash (for the butt when it gets really stinky or our hands when we have to clean the stinky butt), an anti-mosquito clear lotion (we never know when mosquito will attack), some plaster and nail clipper (my girl’s nail can get real sharp at times).

My own wallet, keys, etc is being put inside a small sling bag which I carry. I use to put them into the diaper bag as well. But after a while I find the diaper bag heavy and decide to take out the important documents and leave the diaper bag with “unimportant” stuff (so I can safely leave it in the stroller while I walk away to check things).

Well, that’s all. Am I over packing?

Maybe you will like to check out what other Mummy’s have pack inside their diaper bags:
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10 thoughts on “A Peek at my Diaper Bag

  1. Wah! And I thought I pack a lot in my diaper bag already. You pack even more! I usually double up my nursing cover as a blanket cos it’s lighter and bring a mozzie repellent along just in case haha. I also have many bags within a bag! Just maybe not as many as yours haha

    1. Hahaha.. I think not many people can fight me in my kiasu-ness.
      Good idea about the nursing cover, but I have gave mine away already, arghhh.
      I use the J&J anti-mosquito lotion instead of a mozzie repellent, cause it smells nicer and works quite well for us.

  2. It doesn’t matter if your bag is big or small, the most important thing is you know you’re fully prepared when emergency arise 🙂

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