Talkative Thursday: Talkative Son @ HK

Yes, my talkative son have come up with “brilliant” talks for us again while we were in Hong Kong for our year end trip!


We brought the kids to Disneyland before charges apply to them. There were some rides that they boy could play. And after every ride, I will always ask him “Is it fun?”. His reply most of the time will be “Its fun!”. On some occasions he will not reply me but insist on going to play with other ride (like the “teacup”).

So at the end of the day (after the fire works which sadly started only at 9pm), I asked the boy…

Me: Did you have fun today?
Zai: I very sad.
Me: *surprise* why are you sad? You didn’t enjoy the rides and firework? You got to see your favourite Cinderella right?
Zai: I very sad, because I didn’t get to sleep.
Me: *abish*

Although the boy said that, I’m sure he had fun *in denial mode*. Cause he saw Mickey Mouse up close and got to ride on his Cinderella Carousel. He also saw the castle.

The next day when we asked him if he remembers what he say yesterday at Disneyland, he told me he saw… SPIDERs. *Faints*. He did saw the “spiders” in the jungle trail boat ride as well as the time he was on the train travelling around the park. But we were just surprise that he didn’t say he saw Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Belle, Jungle Book but SPIDERS first. *sigh* you really don’t know what is going on inside the small brains of theirs.


The boy really likes to eat 雞蛋仔. So that day we bought him some authentic Hong Kong 雞蛋仔 to eat. But Chubby decides that he needs to answer some questions before he get to eat his favourite.

Chubby: What is Daddy’s name?
Zai: Lau C M
Chubby: What is Mummy’s name?
Zai: He J F
ChubbyWhat is MaaMaa’s name?
Zai:  Ong S E
ChubbyWhat is GuMa’s name?
Zai: Lau S F
Chubby: What is GuGu’s name?
Zai: Lau S W
Chubby: What is your name?
Zai: Lau Z J
Chubby: What is MeiMei’s name?
Zai: *thinking* Lau Mei Mei!

We all burst out laughing. Even the boy also finds it funny and laugh along. We corrected him and the next time we asked him again, he will laugh and tell us that “I say Lau Mei Mei”. Which will send everybody into laughter again. And subsequently anybody’s name will become his surname plus their relation. Like “Lau MaaMaa”, “Lau Mee Mee”, “Lau Dee Dee” and “Lau Gu Gu”. Well, he is not entirely wrong *laughs*.


I really appreciate such funny moments with my boy. I know it won’t be here forever. Soon he will out grow all this. I mean he is turning 3 soon. And his “cuteness” will go with his age. So I just wish to capture as much as I can here in this blog.'s Talkative Thursdays


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