Playground with Cousin = Double the Fun!

For me, I was never close to my cousins due to our huge age gap. So I always envy my son who has cousins his age whom they play together often. Yes, they fight for the same toys. But when you see them running and playing together at the playground, its the kind of fun they never get from adults.

I always engage my boy in his play even when he is at the playground. So he have always make request for me to climb up with him or take the slide down. But you know, adults getting down a slide is not as easy as kids. So when he went to the playground with his cousin, the fun is really double. And Mummy could even act as “Big Bad Wolf” to chase after them.

Playground Fun with Cousin
Playground Fun with Cousin

Take for example the last photo at the bottom right. Guess what happened? The boy’s bottle took the slide down thanks to the boy. And the cousin followed. Well, Mummy definitely won’t let her bottle take the slide down like this.

Playground Fun
Playground Fun

His smiles, laughter and screams were much more than usual. Sorry to the neighbors for needing to endure my boy high pitch scream. But I’m really thankful for the fact that my boy has playmates and nice playgrounds to play with.


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