Its so hard to start writing on this topic. How to come up with the first line without being too cliche? Its really difficult. You know how parents always like to say “Time Flies”. I would really say “Time Zoomed” past.

2012 is a rather mixed year. There were the painful parts, but there was also the growth. Here is a quick recap of our 2012.


The Boy

The boy “grew” alot in this one year. He went from a boy who could hardly speak, to a boy who can rattle on and on. His funny conversations and answers never fail to put a smile on our faces. It is a real joy watching him grow. I really love how he laugh, it will just infect you and make you want to laugh with him.

It wasn’t an easy year for him. The beginning of the year proof the toughest. He was hit by gastrointestinal virus and went into a bout of FITS. The worst is, he didn’t have a fever, so the doctors were really clueless as to why he had FITS. As a result, whenever he has soft stools we start to get a little worried. Maybe because he is now in the childcare full time, so he has more virus attack this year. But we believe he is also getting stronger.

He has also settled well in school. Even now that he has been promoted to a new class with a new teacher, he seems to be able to handle it well. We are proud of him. I think he still enjoy school pretty much as just last week when he was sick and couldn’t go to school for a week, he actually request us to send him there. School has also taught him lots of things. His speech development definitely was the job of the teachers. His love for stories also developed so much that he will bug us to read him story book. And he can read and re-read the same book again until he could almost memorize the words.


The Girl

She also grew alot. Just recently, she learned the skills of “walking”. However, she still prefers to hold our hand and walk with us. She is also starting to babble more. Her favourite activities is to mimic our day-to-day work like “talking” on the phone, taking a cloth to “wipe” the wall, stirring a pot of “soup” and feeding it to herself. She also love to watch us laugh and she will join in laughing too. Her favourite game is still “peek-a-boo” and I think she is a TV kid in the making.

We have also successfully train her to sleep earlier. I remembered she use to be a late sleeper. But now I go to bed with her at around 9pm and she will be asleep by around 9:30pm to 9:45pm. But this also means that she normally wakes up earlier.

My guilt to her is the lack of time to spend with her. Because the Boy always demand for our attention and she is always so good at playing on her own, that I feel we are really making use of her “obedience” and is not spending enough time with her. I hope in the new year to come I will be able to play and read to her more. To develop her interest in books which I think she is lacking.


The Man and Woman

For us, professionally, we both had a “promotion” this year. We were both given more responsibilities. We are taking it in stride and juggling between our career and also our little family.

As a couple, we had our “down” days. But nothing serious that will go past one day. We still make silly jokes at one another and “shame” each other privately. I’m glad that we both have a common thinking and is always open for communication. I may not be good in words, but somehow he is still able to get what I’m trying to say (most of the time). I also love the time when I see him playing with my boy. He always have the ability to make him laugh out loud.


Our Family

Due to some events, we got ourselves a helper. So now we have an extra pair of hands in helping us taking care of the chores. After a month, I will really say this translated to more time I have to spend with my kids. I always consciously remind myself that the extra is meant for my kids and not for other purposes.

There has been some strain in our relationship with my MIL. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to think only about her plus points. I’m trying…



On the personal note, I’m glad I have found time again to start reading. I have put reading on hold since the boy was born. But now that I have organise my time better, I not only have time to read but also found time to watch some TV with Chubby at night.

I have also reignite my passion for blogging thanks to Ruth who introduced me to SMB. The blog posts from the Mommies really inspire me to write. The support we gave to one another touches my heart. And I have learned a lot from the Mommies. I hope in the coming year, I will be able to write better post and contribute more back to the group where possible.


I’m looking forward to 2013 actually. With a possibility of a change in my job scope (yet again) and also with the growth of my kids reaching a really fun state.

So 2013, here we come!!!


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