Loi @ 13 Months

I’m super late this time round in blogging Loi’s 13th month development!

Mastered Skills

  • Uses two words skillfully (e.g “hello” and “bye”)
    The girl still doesn’t talk much. I have heard her say “Mumm Mumm” for food when she sees us eating and wants a share. I have heard her call me “MiMi” once, when she was stuck and wanted me to carry her. Other then that, she hardly “talks”. I have heard her repeating our last word, but not really “talking”. Her brother was also late in speech development, maybe its just us. We shall monitor and see.
  • Bends over and picks up an object
    She mainly crawl or squat to pick up the the object. Not standing and bending her body over.
  • Stands alone
    She can for a short while. Unlike her bro, she seems to be a little more cautious, and dare not take her first steps out.

Emerging Skills

  • Enjoys gazing at his reflections
    Yes. Sometimes she smiles at herself too. So cute.
  • Drinks from a cup
    Not really. Is it time to get her a sippy cup?
  • Plays “peekaboo”
    Yes. When we say peekaboo to her she will actually hide her face behind her hands and play with us.

Advanced Skills

  • Combines word and gestures to make needs known
    Not really. She cries when she can’t get her way. Except for “Mummm Mumm” she will say and come to us. Or sometimes move her mouth as if she is eating.
  • Tries to lift heavy things
    If you pass anything to her she will try to hold it. But I haven’t seen her moving to a heavy object and picking it up on her own.
  • Rolls a ball back and forth
    She loves playing with the ball. But she wants us to hold her hands as she “kicks” it. I have tried sitting down with her and roll her the ball, she attempts to roll back but wasn’t successful most of the time.

She is so adorable these days. With her bro and myself falling sick, she is the only one brightening our day up. She gives you innocent smiles and funny sounds. Totally ignorant of the environment.

And just this morning, she saw a monkey sitting at the parapet just outside our flat. She actually pointed it to our helper, who took sometime before realising that she is pointing to something. The helper got a shock when she sees the monkey and almost screamed. While the girl oblivion of danger sat there peacefully looking at the monkey. Those were the days where we had no understanding of fear.


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