Zai @ 32 Months

I’m so late in posting up their developments. He is turning 33 months soon actually. Nonetheless I will still want to record down his progress. Besides, I didn’t blog when he was 31 month, cause there was no individual milestone chart on Baby Center so I will have to blog his 32 months progress. Very soon, he will “graduate” from the chart and I will just have to blog base on my observations.

Mastered Skills

  • Builds a tower of 6 building bricks
    Definitely not  an issue for him. He loves to stack up building blocks. In fact I realise toddlers love to do so. When we were in Legoland, we saw lots of todds simply stacking up the bricks.
  • Names at least 6 body parts
    Head, Shoulder, Knees, Toes, Hand, Eyes, Mouth, Ear, Nose, Tummy, Buttocks… To name a few
  • Throws ball overarm
    Yes. Chubby is trying to teach him how to kick properly. But he prefers to throw it.

Emerging Skills

  • Puts on a T-Shirt
    I don’t think so. School has been teaching, but I realise he can’t do it properly yet.
  • Balances on each foot for a second
    Yup. I think I have saw him play the balancing act before. But I didn’t time, but should be at least 1 second I reckon.
  • Brushes teeth with supervision
    Ah~ This is where he lacks. The lazy boy doesn’t like to brush teeth. Preferring to “eat toothpaste”. My goodness.

Advanced Skills

  • Calls a friend by his name
    He can name all his classmate from his class. He could even recall the name of my friend’s son, although he have only seen him a few times.
  • Washes and Dries hand
    Depends on how clean you expect it to be. He was train very much in school to wash his hands and dry them. At home I manage to continue the training whenever I have the chance.
  • Uses two adjectives
    Yes, definitely. He knows the Goldilocks and The Three Bears story. So minimally, he knows Big, Small, Hot, Cold, Hard, Soft, etc.

Actually Zai’s development so far has always been on track. The only concern I have with regards to his development is his Chinese and Toilet Training. I have seen some improvement in his Chinese since his MaaMaa start speaking him to Chinese. We will continue to engage him in more Chinese speaking. I even got a Hanyu Pinyin Chart for him. He loves to recite the “Bo Po Mo Fo”. But he can’t really remember the sequence. Well it takes time.

For Toilet Training. We have not seen much progress. He wants to wear his briefs but he still doesn’t want to tell us when he wants to pee. Even after he peed, he will try to keep quiet about it and continue with his play. We didn’t scold him because we are afraid of the impact it might bring. Well, we just have to work harder in bringing him to toilet regularly.


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