Fun this Week: Sentosa

It was my company Family day on Saturday. After much deliberation, Chubby and I decides to bring the kids along to have some fun. The company got for us the Sentosa Play Pass which allow us to enjoy many attractions. Sadly, the Underwater World is not part of it. Nonetheless, the kids (especially my 2 y.o boy) had some fun.

The play pass entitle us a return tickets on the Cable Car. So we decide not to drive and took the Cable Car into Sentosa.

Sentosa Cable Car Ride

Nope, we didn’t top-up to take the Angry Bird cable car. We just took the normal cabin. But the kids still have a fun time. This is not the first time the boy is in a cable car. He has taken it when he was younger when we were in Taiwan. However, this time he is older and is able to enjoy it more. He is fascinated to see the boats from a top down perspective. Even the little girl stood and hold on to the railings and looked out. It sure was an experience for them. And I’m glad that they don’t have height phobia.

Sentosa Coin Presser

When we exit out of the Cable Car station in Sentosa, we came across two Coin Presser. However, only one was working. We decide to press for the retro 1st generation cable car cabin. The boy had a fun time turning the “wheel”.

We wanted to go up the Tiger Sky Tower which was right outside the Cable Car station. However, there was a queue, so we decide to leave it for later. And move on to find the Luge.

Sentosa Luge

The boy went down with Chubby on the Luge and he enjoyed it. He was telling me it was “very fun”. I didn’t get to go as I had to push Loi and the stroller down. But I was glad the boy enjoyed it. I was afraid initially that the boy will find the luge too fast.

When we were down at the beach station, we had a ride on the Segway. The kids are too young so the adults took turn to play. While waiting, the kids were enjoying their drinks while hiding from the hot weather.

Kids Enjoying Their Drinks

After the Segway, we walked to the Beach Station to have lunch. Along the way, we saw a stall allowing visitors to take photos with snakes. Chubby asked the boy if he wants to take a photo with it, and he gamely agrees. I’m quite surprise that he wasn’t afraid of the yellow baby snake and found it interesting when it was put around his neck. However, when he saw the bigger brown snake, he refuses to touch it. Its MeiMei who still doesn’t know what is danger, went on to feel it.

Sentosa Photos with Snake

After lunch, we took the Skyride up to Imbiah as we wanted to try out the three 3D attractions.

Sentosa SkyRide

This time Chubby had to push the stroller and MeiMei up. While the boy and I enjoy the ride. The boy was so excited to see himself “on top of the trees”. He was in such a good mood that he waves to the people opposite who also wave back with a smile. Ah~ kids just have that kind of charming effect, don’t they?

For the three 3D attractions, the boy only got to play Desperado. This is because we have brought him to watch 4D in Legoland before and he was scared. So we decide not to bring him to watch the other two. And we think that Desperado should be mild enough since its just sitting on the “horse” and shooting. He was seated infront of my Sis and guided by her to shoot. I think he enjoyed it too. BTW, their scores were higher then mine *ashamed*.

It started to pour when we were at the 3D attractions. So we decide to call it a day. We took the cable car back since we were closer to it then the MRT. I think the kids have fun especially the boy. The girl although didn’t get to do much, but I think she enjoys being out in the sun. Look at their smiles even at the end of the day.


I think we will bring them back again next time for other attractions that we miss out. Hopefully the girl will be able to enjoy it with us then. 🙂

The Js Arena


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