Talkative Thursday: Promotion

I wish it was me, nope its my son who will be “promoted” to his Senior Toddler class from next week. This means he will be “leaving” his teachers and will have new teachers teaching him. There will also be a change in his “classroom” from an enclose area to an open area. I cannot help but lament how time pass by so quickly. I remember it seems like just a few months ago that we brought him for his first trial class. But actually that was close to a year ago. The boy is highly adaptable so he didn’t have much trouble when he “transited” to school.

One year on, I must say that my boy has learned a lot from school. Before he went to school, his speech development was on the slow side. However, 2 to 3 months into school, he was saying strings and strings of words. He could even link them up to form sentences as well as say words that are like 5 syllabus. He has friends in school which he knows them by their name. Apart from his own teachers, he also know teachers from other classes since the school isn’t big and there are lots of interaction between them. I certainly hope his transition to his new class will also be easy.

Zai School Year End Event 2012

Last Saturday we attended their school year end event. Unlike in most where the kids are asked to perform, we had a “family sports” day. The students in the whole school were grouped into 16 groups. So each group will have students from all the different classes. And together with their parents and siblings we were asked to complete different tasks that requires our creativity and perseverance. I remember there was one task that requires us to stack all the recyclable materials into a tall tower that stood 2 meters tall. However, our team cleanly forgot to bring our masking tape with us. So we tried to complete the event purely be stacking without taping. It took us a long time, but we persevere and manage to complete it. I like how the school tries to teach the values while engaging the whole family in games. Even as a parent I was reminded of how we must persevere on and its the process that is important. However, I think our boy is still a little too young to fully appreciate it. Nonetheless, it was still a fun event for us.

After the “games”, it was the K2 graduation ceremony. The kids appear in graduation gown and collected their “certs”. Ah~ I almost teared when I saw the ceremony. Its just the thought of your child completing a huge milestone and moving to their next had me overwhelm with emotions. I can’t imagine if it is my boy up there. And how will it be like for the kids to “leave” their friends of about 5 years. I can also imagine how it is like for their teachers.

During the event, we also get to talk to Zai’s teacher. We got to know that one his classmate, Y, had actually withdrawn from the school as an opening in the CC just below their block open and since her elder sister is there, the parents have decided to put her there instead.  For the first two days, Y was still ok, but she soon realize that she isn’t coming back to Zai’s school. So she started to cry and requests to come back. When the teacher talks about it, I can see that she too is trying to suppress her emotions. This classmate of Zai started school at the same time as him last year in December. They were the pioneer batch of students from their class. She is also the eldest. I know Zai likes her as I have seen lots of photo the teachers took of them interacting. Its one of the first few names he manage to call out when he was younger. I know Zai has the habit of asking his teachers where is their friend when they never see them in school. I wonder if he asks about Y. Soon, Zai may not remember her anymore, its a pity as she is one of her first few friends. Nonetheless, this is life. People come and go. Maybe with fate, they will meet again when they are older.

This school year has come to an “end”. In around 6 months time, Loi will be joining Zai in school. I wonder how is it like for Loi? As well as how is it like for Zai to have his sister in school with him? Well we will have to see to it later.

For now, I’m just glad that this school year turns out well for our boy. How about your kids? How is it like for them this school year?'s Talkative Thursdays


One thought on “Talkative Thursday: Promotion

  1. I agree! When I sent my older to his current CC, it was amazing to see him speak in full sentences – and esp Chinese cos we hardly speak in Chinese at home! Haha… Like u, I am also longing to send my 2nd one to the same school 🙂

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