Loi, you are one!

Dear Loi,

You turn one last month and had your Chinese birthday last Sunday. For your Chinese birthday, MeeMee got PoPo to make you Mee Sua for lunch. Its a Chinese tradition to eat Mee Sua on their birthday for longevity. MeeMee is really glad that you enjoyed your Mee Sua and hope to keep this tradition and make you Mee Sua every year on your Chinese birthday. Yes, you may eat your cake on your English birthday. Let’s keep the tradition to the Chinese day.

Loi Enjoying Mee Sua

MeeMee cannot help but wonder how did this one year pass by so quickly. MeeMee still can recall the days when you were just born and now you have pass through so many milestones.

You are an easy girl to take care right from the start. Even your birth was so much easier as compare to GorGor. And you didn’t had problem adjusting to night sleep during your first few weeks. You can entertain yourself pretty much when we are busy with GorGor, MeeMee is so thankful of that. But MeeMee is also feeling guilty that because of this, sometimes we leave you alone for too long.

You are a happy baby although MeeMee thinks you are an introvert like her. You generally smile at everyone who smiles at you. However, when the stranger approach and want to carry you, you will shy away.

You enjoy GorGor’s company and watching him do silly stuff. When he laughs, you will laugh together with him. You also enjoy disturbing GorGor’s play. Maybe you want to join him in it, but GorGor feels you are too young. Hopefully when you grow older you both can play together.

So far MeeMee only brought you to the playground once. MeeMee will try to bring you out to play more often. We just have to escape out of the house before GorGor wakes up to find us.

MeeMee is still trying to read to you at least every night. However, you seem more interested in scratching them then reading. Nonetheless, MeeMee will continue to read to you and hopefully you will gain interest in reading soon.

MeeMee is glad that you actually like solid food. You had no problem adapting. Even when you changed to formula milk you also took it well (maybe MeeMee milk is not so nice). You were more fortunate then GorGor in that you were being breastfed all the way till 11 months. We only gave you formula when you are closing on one. Hopefully this means you are healthier.

MeeMee likes to wish you all the best in the upcoming years. May you stay healthy and happy always.



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