Talkative Thursday: Talkative Son

Zai: Cheese!

My son seems to be enjoying his new found skills (for the past few months) that he can’t stop “talking”. Sometime there will be funny conversation like those I have posted before. Sometime he will just tell me random facts like “Monkey climb trees, eat banana”. Its cute really although he can repeat it like a thousand times. But I still enjoy responding and talking to him. Below are more instances of funny conversations we had.


 I came home from work on a Saturday afternoon and was just in time to feed my son his lunch. While feeding him, I received a call and my son saw me using my 2G blue Nokia phone, which I changed for work reason.

Zai: MeeMee, what happen to your phone? Your purple phone (iphone with a purple cover)?
Me: Spoilt. How? This phone got no games for you to play.

He continued to “play” with my blue phone by pressing on the buttons and balancing it “standing”.
Later in the day while in his Daddy car, Zai was seating at the back with me. Normally, he will get to play with my phone while we are on the road. I think he wanted to borrow my phone to play and he recalled I told him earlier that my iphone is “spoilt”.

Zai: MeeMee, what happen to your phone? Your purple phone? (See he likes to repeat his questions)
Me: Spoilt, remember I told you just now. So how?
Zai: Oh, its ok. Later we go buy Ok…. *pause for a while and start nodding his head* later go NTUC buy.
Me: *surprised* oh ok. NTUC got sell?
Zai: Yes
Me: Ok. But I don’t have money. You have money?
Zai: DeeDee wallet. DeeDee wallet have money inside. DeeDee wallet infront *attempt to climb to the front*
Me: *containing my laugh* Oh, so we use DeeDee money and go NTUC buy purple phone?
Zai: Yes!
Chubby: *while driving* What?!

I’m really surprise by this conversation. Surprise that my boy thinks that NTUC is almighty. It sells everything and anything. But I guess its also because he only joins us for shopping when we visit the supermarket. When its other stuff, we normally leave him out in order not to bore him.

I’m also surprise that he remembers that there is money in DeeDee’s wallet and that he can separate pretend play and real. Cause he has a pretend play card that he uses it to “pay money”. But he didn’t look for the card to give me or pretend to pass me some invisible coin, but refer to DeeDee’s wallet for money. I guess I under-estimated my boy. Nonetheless it was an interesting conversation.


Last weekend we were at my parents place and we were leaving with my parents to go for dinner. My Mum was at the lift and I was holding the boy’s hand while walking towards it.

Mum: *Lift is here* Faster.
Me: Cannot, my son walks very slowly. *Finally reach the lift and saw that there is a young man inside* Sorry. *Proceed to say to my Dad* Daddy, hurry up!
Zai: Daddy hurry up! *Realise his DeeDee is not around* Where is DeeDee?
Me: That is my Daddy not yours! *The young man also laugh*. Your DeeDee went to pick up the car.
Zai: *Feels Paiseh and pretend to ask again* Where is DeeDee.
Me: *Control laughter in order not to hurt him* DeeDee downstairs.
Zai: MeeMee, I Love You.

Oh man, he melted my heart when he says that. This is the first time he says it without prompting or in exchange for something. I think he says it to diffuse the funny situation. Nonetheless I feel blessed!


Yesterday night I was having dinner and the boy was standing beside me asking me to play with him. I saw a small bump on his forehead.

Me: Zai, did you bump your head?
Zai: I accidentally bump my head.
Me: *rubbing the bump* Where?
Zai: Here *points to bump*. On the head.
Me: I mean where did you bump your head on.
Zai: On the head.

I like the way he says “accidentally”. He can actually pronounce it quite accurately. But you can hear that he is piecing them together in that he says it syllabus by syllabus.


Chubby was singing “Farmer in the Dell” with him, using story props which I printed and cut out. Normally, I’m the one who sings and play with him. So while singing, Chubby put out the character by character and form them into a circle.

Chubby: See Zai, they are in a circle.
Zai: No! Cannot! Not circle. *Proceed to put them in a straight row like how I always do*
Chubby: But the table is not long enough. See, the “cheese” drops onto the floor *proceed to put cheese onto the floor*
Zai: No! Cannot! Later MeeMee scold. *Proceed to overlap the characters but still in a straight row*
Chubby: No, Cannot! Cannot overlap! *Proceed to space them out*
Zai then mess everything together and “run off”.

First of all, I don’t think I will scold if its in a circle. Secondly, I think my son have a stronger OCD then me. Or maybe his mind is really straight. He cannot accept things that are not in the “order” as he perceives. Apart from this instance, there are also instances where we tried to make fun of him by saying “A is for Aeroplane” or “Z is for Zai”. But he will insist that “No! A is for Apple” and “Z is for Zebra”. Hmm.. its funny now, but I think we need to correct this behavior also. How do you teach a 2 yo that there is multiple answers or solution to a question or problem?


Chubby was playing with the kids in my MIL room. He was launching the bolsters from his leg like a rocket.

Chubby: See Zai, the bolsters are like rockets.
Zai: No! Pillows and Bolsters for sleeping only. Cannot play.
Chubby: Oh, so for sleeping only right? Cannot play as rocket. So cannot be used for building caves too.
Zai: Pillows are for sleeping and building caves only.

Ah…. how he changed his mind so quickly.


Its really an interesting stage he is in right now. He brightens my day with his funny episodes. How about you? Do you have funny conversations with your toddlers?'s Talkative Thursdays


10 thoughts on “Talkative Thursday: Talkative Son

  1. Haha! Reading this brought a smile to my face! Such a cute boy, Zai! My 4yo son is still giving me very interesting conversations, so this will be sure to continue too!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Haha the conversations with your son are so cute! I’m eagerly anticipating for my 13months old girl to start talking and have a conversation with me 😀

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