Little Ones Reading Oct 2012

Time of the month to mark down their reading again!

This month, Loi has more exposure to the books. And it seems the books that I borrowed from the library, she manage to “read” it up. While Zai, interestingly, was only interested in the Chinese books that I borrowed!

Tickly Tiger Rattle Book

Tickly Tiger is looking around. What is he looking for? A rattle? Nope its a cuddly hug from mummy! Loi loves the little rattle at the top and will actually “beat” it and I love to give her a hug like the Tiger mummy at the end.

Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Getting Dressed Book

Loi is still very “hands-on”. She loves to poke and scratch the books. So I pretty much still borrow lots of touch and feel book for her. Yes, some may seem very dirty but I make sure I wash her hands after that. This book introduces different kinds of clothing and also colors.

Muffin Bedtime Cuddles

Its bedtime and Muffin the bear is looking for a cuddle. This book tries to cover all aspects. It teaches “hard”, which means cannot be cuddled. It also introduces the concept that if someone is sleeping we should not disturb. And of course there is still someone we can cuddle. Kinda of messy in a sense that there is no clear concept of what is trying to introduce. And story line is just so-so. Maybe that’s why the boy is not interested in it.

Little Rabbit

Follow Little Rabbit in exploring. I like how the story reverse the things Little Rabbit sees when he walks back home. Can train the kid to recall as well as introducing the concept of reversing. But oh well, the boy couldn’t quite get it yet.

Clifford First Christmas

How was Clifford like when he first join the family for Christmas. Borrowed this book to introduce the boy to “Christmas” since its around the corner. He likes how Clifford plays with the new presents. He even told me that Clifford is not to go into the doll house or sit on the toy cars. Looks like I have a class monitor in the making.

Little Red Riding Hood

Need I say more about the classic. However, this story differs a little from what the boy learns from a smart phone app. So he get confuses a little, but I will tend to stick to the story he already know.

Shu Cai Hao Hao Chi
Wo Dong Li Mao
Wo Yao You Yong
Xi Shou

I have no idea is it because of his love for animals or he can identify with them. The boy simply love all the books in this series. He will follow the stories and name the animals that he sees. He can also recall the important concepts that the book is trying to teach. Like there should be foams when washing the hands or we should follow adults when in the swimming pool. I also love the series as the stories are easy to understand, the pictures are colorful and they teaches values.


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