Photo *Heart* Fridays: 1st Playground Experience

Loi @ Playground

I remember I brought Zai to a playground when he wasn’t even one. Then I only had one kid so I have the time in the world to play with him. But with Loi, I never had a chance to bring her to a playground, cause the brother will always ask for my attention and how could I go playground without him right? But I don’t think I can manage both of them together at the playground in the same time. So I didn’t manage to bring her to one until last Friday. The girl woke up early, and the boy woke up late. So I seize the opportunity and brought her out alone.

Although she couldn’t walk yet, she still have a blasting good time. She really love the slide and will giggle loudly when she “swish” down. She doesn’t like the rockers much. Prefer to play peek-a-boo with me on it.

I hope I can get to bring her to the playground again soon. Hopefully every weekend.


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