Precious Moment with Zai (@ 31 Months)

It has been a hectic week with both the kids sick and the boy not co-operating. Blogging has to take a back seat. So now hopefully a little post to cheer me up. The funny moments from the boy.

The boy has the habit of “running” around the house pushing his sister walker. And these days he will push the walker and ramp it against a furniture. After which he will exclaim “Oh, I accidentally”.
Yup, much as we are impressed that he can say a 5 syllabus word, we don’t condone such behavior. So he does get a warning from us.

The boy was sick and refuses to eat his medicine. That day after coaxing him with a sweet (yes, he eats his medicine while chewing a sweet), he actually said “So Yucky”. Chubby looked at me when he heard it and thought I taught him the word. Obviously I didn’t and wonder when did he picked up the word.

He is watching Shrek this few days as he is stuck at home. I’m pretty much surprise that he refers to Shrek as Ogre. But he calls Princess Fiona as Princess Fi-nin-a.

Yesterday when he saw DeeDee going to work, he says “Bye Bye” to him and proceed to say “I’m not going to school cause I sick. I fever.” I need to remind myself to check on the boy and make sure he doesn’t play truant when he is older.

Before he fell sick, I brought him to a playground last Friday evening. After spending sometime there, I saw the dark clouds coming so I told the boy about it and we need to go back. Surprisingly he didn’t ask for more time. He looked at the clouds and told me “its dark”. And while walking back, he started saying “People go home. Its going to rain.” Its funny how he calls those that he doesn’t know “people”.

This actually started happening a few weeks back. We were driving the kids to Chubby’s grandma place. When we reached the car park, the boy suddenly asked “Whose place?”. I was a little taken aback but I play along and asked “Do you recognise whose place is this?” He looked around but couldn’t recognise the place and commented “Somebody place”. This make all of us laugh. And Chubby says that it is likely the answer he will give too, just to be cheeky. Oh man, like father like son.

Last Sunday while sitting in the living room, the neighbors kid ran very fast while screaming as they pass by our flat. The boy asked “Whose that”. To which my MIL replied that its the “JieJie” next door, cause they saw the legendary “Ah Long” coming to catch little kids (Ah Long is the garang guni man who comes to my area every Sunday. He happens to be my MIL friend too and my MIL always use him to scare the kids. Indeed my boy was so afraid of him that he jumps out from his seat whenever he hears the sound of his horn). And told him to quickly drink water.
The next day, the boy told me “Everybody run”. To which I asked “Why”. He told me “because Ah Long coming” and he even insist that I close the door.
Hmm.. I wonder for how long we can trick him in this.

Any funny moments you have with your kids these few days?'s Talkative Thursdays


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