Day in a Life

MamaJ started this linky on a peek of a day of a mother called DIAL (Day in a Life). I thought it is an interesting topic and decides to join in the fun. Here is a peek at my typical working day.

The alarm on my phone will go off. I will crawl over Chubby so can I reach the other side of the room and switch off my phone alarm. There are three reasons why my phone is so far away. First, I make sure I don’t fall back asleep after waking up. Second, I don’t want radiation near me while I sleep, although it isn’t proven. Lastly, my charging dock is at that side of the room.

After brushing my teeth, my milking duty starts.

Breast Pump Accessories

As my milk supply has always been low, I spend more time pumping hoping for a new wave of letdown each time. This will typically take 30 minutes. By the time I finish and wash up, its around 0715 and I will proceed with my morning bath.

0700 – 0730
This is the time the little girl will wake up.

Loi Wakes Up

Sometimes I’m lucky, she wakes up while I’m having a bath, which means I can bathe peacefully. Sometimes, she wakes up while I’m still pumping my milk and she will crawl over to “disturb”. And today she wakes up just as I step out of the shower. So I will attempt to play with her while I put on my face care products and get dressed.

And these few days, the girl decides to do her big business early in the morning. And I have to battle with her to wash her butt while trying to keep my working clothes dry and clean.

The Girl in her Diaper after Butt Wash

On a lucky day, the boy will wake up around this time. So I can have a little play time with him before I leave for work. But today, he decides to sleep a little later. So I kissed my girl goodbye and left her in my MIL care.

0800 – 1900

On the way to work

While on the way to office, I will make use of the traveling time to do my own things. I edit photos, upload them to FB, check my FB feeds, read blogs and start a post on my blog all using my smart phone. If I have no 3G network, I read a book.

While in the office, I will be busy with work. But I will still sneak in to write or continue a blog post (like this one). And if time permits, I will read blogs too. (shhh… don’t tell my boss).

On the way home after work, I normally will watch video on my smart phone. My current craze is non other then “Running Man“.

1900 – 2100
By the time I reach home, its around 1915. I will do part one of my household chores like putting the dirty laundry to wash. Take a bath and eat my dinner. On days when I’m lucky, Chubby will help with the dishes, so I get to play with my kids. Like today. I manage to do some art work with my boy.

Zai Stamping

I will try to divide my time between my kids. So after spending half an hour with the boy, I turn to play with my girl. I will try to read to her at least one or two books. And today I even had time to put her on this rider, which she really likes.

Loi on Rider

However, before I could really spend more time with her, her brother will come and “join in the fun” too.

Zai and Loi on the Rider

2100 – 2300
By 2100, its Loi’s bed time. So I will change her diaper, make her milk and “sleep” with her. How I wish I really can sleep. But no, I only pretend to sleep. Some days she will sleep within 15 minutes. Other days, she might take up to half an hour or one hour.

After she has fallen asleep, its part two of my housework. I will wash up the bottles, sterilize them and fold the clothes that was washed the day before. By the time I finish all these housework, its close to 2230. But today, Chubby helped with the washing of the bottles, so I got to finish them earlier. I will then surf the net for a while before I retire for the day.

By and large this is how my day is like on a typical working day.


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