Octoburst! My Forest Room

Last Sunday, we met up with E and Ci with their boy Ethan and Ce with her girls Julianne and Cheyenne  to watch “My Forest Room”.

My Forest Room

This is an interactive play that talks about conserving the rainforest in Borneo. It was pretty interesting, just that we failed to check that the play is meant for kids age 4 and above. As such, there wasn’t that much colorful props being used. Hence, the boy and Ethan got bored half way through the show. Julianne and Cheyenne who are older is able to appreciate it more. The boy even decide to go for his afternoon nap half way through the show! In any case, this reminded us to look out for age recommendations before we buy tickets the next time.

We hang around the Esplanade a while more after show and stumble on a free Chinese play about a “dragon” and a “witch” at the foyer. The irony is, the boy seems to enjoy that play more than what we paid for. I think mainly because of the colorful stage and props being used. When the “dragon” came around to “blow feathers”, I raised the boy hand to ask the dragon to come over. But too bad we were a little far back so in the end the feathers never reached us. Nonetheless, the boy had a fun time running around the little “trees” near the area after the play.

The boy with Julianne and Cheyenne @ Esplanade

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