Multi-Vitamins, Calcium and Breast Feeding

We all heard about the raves of Breast Feeding our child. The benefits it brings are a long list. However, Mummies please beware and take care of yourself too! This is my story.

I visited a Chinese Physician last Thursday for a back pain (more on this later) and I was shocked that one of the finding that the Physician had was that the density of my bone is not good. How he does it I’m not sure, but I do believe that its true. Why?

Just before I got pregnant with my first child, I did a bone density check. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but it does tell me that I have really healthy bones. I’m not surprise as I do drink up lots of milk. So how did all that changed through 2 pregnancies and breast feeding?

According to a nutritionist that was briefing us in one of the antenatal classes, the baby requires lots of calcium to grow when they are in our tummy. If they couldn’t get enough calcium from our blood, it will start to draw the calcium from our bones. Thereby making our bones weaker. So calcium intake is particular important during pregnancy. She recommends that we take calcium pills, drink milk or soy drinks with added calcium and eat ikan billis. My gynae did prescribe calcium pills for me. For my first pregnancy I couldn’t take milk, I will puke them all out. So I went for the soy milk with added calcium. For my second pregnancy, I was able to drink fresh milk. However, I must admit that I wasn’t so faithful in eating my pills as I tend to forget about them during weekends.

But what I didn’t know is that I need to take the calcium and multi-vitamins when I’m breastfeeding. So after I gave birth to my son (who is my firstborn), I stopped taking the pills. But I continued to drink milk everyday.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I found out that I actually need to continue eating the multi-vitamins and calcium in order to produce “good” quality milk. So I continue to eat them. But I didn’t buy back the same multi-vitamins which my gynae “prescribe” me. Instead I bought a different brand on the recommendation of my colleague as it contains DHA. This means I need not take extra pills. However, how wrong I was.

Recently I read an article on Young Parents, it actually state that we should be careful when taking vitamin pills. Multi-vitamin pills that contain Iron should not be eaten with Calcium pills, as Iron will blocked the absorption of Calcium! *Thunder* Yes! The multi-vitamins that I have been taking the past year with the DHA contains Iron. This means I have been wasting money on my Calcium pills for the past one year. This means I have not been “refilling” my calcium for the past one year!

With all these information, I believe the physician is right about my bone density. However, I still believe its still not to late. I can start increasing my calcium intake now and hopefully my bone density can recover soon. I suddenly have an image of Michelle Yeoh doing martial arts appearing in my head (successful marketing). I think maybe I should give that milk a try.

So breast feeding Mummies, while we are all doing the greatest thing for our child, please also look after ourselves, otherwise we will be a burden to them when we are old. Check your multi-vitamins and make sure you take in Calcium!'s Talkative Thursdays


2 thoughts on “Multi-Vitamins, Calcium and Breast Feeding

  1. Wow, thanks for that info! I still have lots of iron, DHA and calcium left over from pregnancy time, so I might as well finish them up!

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