The Cat in the Hat Play

Two Fridays ago, we finally managed to catch “The Cat In the Hat” by SRT. Before the play, I have already tried preparing the boy for it. I bought the book a few months back. However, since its not colorful, he wasn’t really interested. So a few weeks ago, I borrowed the DVD on “The Cat In the Hat Knows A Lot About That” and he was finally “introduced” of the character. And of course “Thing 1 and Thing 2”.

The boy is 2.5yo. Initially, I was quite afraid he wouldn’t understand the show. Cause some of the things were imaginary. Like imaginary ball bouncing when Nick and Sally played. However, after the show I’m quite sure he understood at least 80% of the show.

It’s quite cute when he tells me the house “Is Messy” after Thing 1 and Thing 2 played in the house. He also asked “Why Thing 1 and Thing 2 cry?”. To which I replied “Cause they don’t want to go back home”. I will also seize the opportunity to ask him back “Why they need to go home?”. He wasn’t able to answer me, so I explained to him that Mummy is coming home and they have make a mess like he says, which Mummy doesn’t like. So he must not play with the kite in the house and make a mess. He should also be like The Cat In The Hat, to pack up after playing.

The play itself followed quite closely to the book, of course with dramatization on certain parts. Like Thing 1 and Thing 2 didn’t cry in the book, but cried dramatically in the play. I think the boy really enjoyed that part (cause it reminded him of himself).

The next day while Zai was rummaging through his book box to look for a book to read, he “found”  The Cat in The Hat and was so happy. He brought the book to me and asked me to read it to him. Once is not enough, he asked me to read it to him a couple of times. I’m glad that I bought the book, cause now it reinforces what he has seen and he appreciates the book much more. Happy that he loves the play and now the book!

Am looking for more age appropriate plays for him to attend! Did you went to watch “The Cat In The Hat”? How did you find it?


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