Photo *Heart* Fridays: I’m One (Soon)

I’m One (Soon)!

The girl is turning one soon. Time really flies. I remember the initial stage where she wasn’t pooing for a week when she got home from the hospital. My Mom and I had to keep bringing her to the toilet and try to make her poo. So when she finally pooed we were so happy.

Unlike Zai, she was easier to take care when she was young. She had no problem with sleeping at night, though she does wakes up for her milk. And she was such a good girl that every time we bring her to the toilet, she will pee or poo. Hence, we didn’t have to wash too much nappy. But the sad thing is, since my MIL took over, she didn’t have the habit of bringing her to the toilet. As such, she refuses to pee now when we bring her to toilet. And would even struggle if we “shhh” her for too long.

I remember when she was born, she had so much hair on her body. I was a little concern and even Googled about it. But like you see in the pic she has already shed them. She is also fairer now compare to the time she was born. I was a little afraid that she will be dark skin like MeeMee.

She started to crawl earlier than Zai. However, she somehow is less brave. As such, she is still unwilling to take her first unaided step. She can cruise while holding on to the furniture or even walk very fast by pushing the walker and laundry basket. In fact I have seen her stand on her own for a few seconds. But she will quickly plop down for fear of falling I think.

Maybe because she is a girl, she tends to be more “sticky” to me. She prefers me to carry her and will cry out loud as if she is being bullied when I try to put her down. She recognizes strangers and wouldn’t let them carry, unlike her bro. This make me guess that maybe she is an introvert like her MeeMee, while Zai is the extrovert like his DeeDee.

I always feel that I didn’t spend enough time with her. Zai use to get daily reading sessions and even visited the playground before he turns one. But with Loi, I couldn’t do the same. I’m already making a conscious effort to spend more time with her. However, we were often interrupted by demands from Zai. I hope I can plan activities for them together when she is older. So that I won’t feel she is so left out.


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