Little Ones Reading Sept 2012

Baby loves spring

This month I borrowed a few books from Karen Katz as I know Zai likes her books. In this book, Zai actually lifts the flap and name me the things he sees under the flap like the birds, etc. For Loi, she just enjoys lifting the flap and “playing” with it. I will name her all the things I see on the pages too.

Counting kisses

Another book by Karen Katz where you count from one to ten and kiss the different body parts of the baby while doing the counting at the same time. Its a good bonding book. But my girl wouldn’t stay still for too long. So I gotta try to remember the “story” and count with her.


Lift the flap and you will see the baby hiding under the flap. Peek-a-boo. The favourite game for my girl now.

Humpty Dumpty
Incy wincy spider

Trying to introduce Loi to more nursery rhyme and at the same time its a touch and feel book. Of course Zai already know the rhyme very well, but he still loves flipping through them on his own as if he is reading it by himself.

Jack and the beanstalk

I’m on a mission to introduce Zai to more classic stories. I have tried “Little Red Riding Hood” but failed (in the end an app actually did it, I lost to an APP!!!). So this time round I tried “Jack and the Beanstalk”. Well I can only say, my girl enjoys touching it more.

Twinkle lullaby book

Borrowed this book for Loi as its a touch and feel book. On one page you will see a picture with the “parts” to touch. And on the opposite page, there will be the rhyme and some thumbnails of part of the picture, where the kid is asked to identify where is the matching part in the opposite page. I tried playing with Zai, but he wasn’t interested. Maybe next time I will try again.

小老虎, 洗澡了

This is the only new Chinese book we manage to read this month. This is also a lift a flap book where the little tiger and his sister was asked to take a bath. Zai enjoyed the book like the other in the series. I don’t know, but I kinda of like it too cause Zai was born in the year of the Tiger and is mischievous like this little Tiger. Besides the Tiger a little sister too. And this little sister can be quite mischievous, which I feel Loi sometimes can also be. So I think they are very similar in traits. 😛

This month I was a little busy and didn’t manage to have much reading sessions with the kids. As a result, I couldn’t remember the stories of the books well. Now that I’m cutting down on my breastfeeding, I hope I will have more time to play with them and engage them in stories. Especially when Zai is at a age where he can comprehend and follow stories better!


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