Mid-Autumn Festival 2012

The Mid-Autumn Festival was over on Sunday 30 Sept. Traditionally Mid-Autumn Festival is a time where family members will get together. The adults will eat moon cake, while the kids will carry lanterns.

For me, I recall celebrating it at our void deck playground with our neighbors. We will bring candles, sparkles and lanterns to play there. We have tried putting candles all around the playground and lighting it up. It was quite a sight. But sorry to the cleaning auntie who have to clean up the mess the next day. As the festival is not an official public holiday, so we can’t really play till late if it happens to be a school day the next day. I remembered once it was on a weekend we had hell lots of fun. And I lament why can’t it be a public holiday the next day. I mean who carry lantern and eat mooncake in the morning right? So the next day should be a public holiday! But well, that never happen.

Now that I’m a parent and with so many mid-autumn events going around, I’m determined to let my kids soak in the fun and enjoy the festival. We visited almost all the lights displayed. We went to Chinatown, Chinese Garden and Clarke Quay. The girl was too young to understand but the boy was excited to see the beautiful “lanterns”.

Lantern Display @ Chinatown

There were some really colorful lanterns hanging across the road once you enter Chinatown. The boy was so excited and told me “So Pretty. So Colorful”. There were also some lanterns on display at the bridge leading to People Park Complex.

Streets @ Chinatown

However, we were greatly disappointed with the rest of the lights display. Seriously, what has a fruit basket got to do with Mid-Autumn? Please enlighten me. Luckily there were some street stalls selling different types of lanterns. The boy spotted Barney and told me “Later Buy” and started nodding his head. But MeeMee and DeeDee said no cause he already has two lanterns at home. But I had to admit we didn’t walked all the way to Hong Lim park, maybe the display there are much better.

The Extended Family @ Chinese Garden

We went to the Chinese Garden the previous weekend with Chubby’s Aunties and Cousins. We had a much better time there. Although there were more people and we were stuck in the traffic for a good half an hour when we were making our way back.

Lights @ Chinese Garden

The theme that Chinese Garden adopted this year is Fairy Tale. You will see English classics like “The Three Little Pigs”, “The Little Matchstick Girl”, etc. And also Chinese classics like “司馬光砸缸” and “神筆馬良”, etc. The boy could identify with the theme very well. He can’t help but keep going back to the “The Three Little Pigs” display. And I feel that they integrate the east and the west into the festival.

And there is a beautiful “Swan Lake” in the center of the garden, where the fireworks display will happen. Its not your NDP kind of fireworks but still its pretty and nice. The boy was scared and dare not look at it as we were really close.

All-in-all I felt this is best displays among those we visited. Although we had to pay to get it, but I think the boy really enjoyed himself.

Lights @ Clarke Quay

The final place we went was the lights display at Clarke Quay. Like last year, there were the 12 Chinese horoscope that lines the river, and other bigger displays floating on the water. This year theme is on the different Chinese festival. From Chinese New Year to 七夕 to 冬至. I thought the theme was quite apt too.

We were lucky that their Rabbit and Tiger horoscope were actually very near to the brightly lit stage so I manage to capture some photos with my iPhone.

And on the actual day of the Mid-Autumn itself. We went back to Chubby’s Paternal grandma place to celebrate. As she stays on the ground floor, there were place for the boy to carry lantern and there were also some other neighbors’ kids around. Its just a pity R and V couldn’t join us.

We had a really “long” and fun Mid-Autumn this year. I hope we can do the same for next year. So how did you spend your mid-autumn?


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