Zai @ 30 Months

I almost forgot to blog about his development. Our son has turned 2.5 yo!

Mastered Skills

  • Brushes teeth with help
    Yes. But he will still tend to “eat” the toothpaste. But he has already learned how to “spit” out the water but will still tend to drink the first mouth. Arghhh.
  • Washes and Dries Hand
    Yes. He was taught in school how to properly clean his hands. Although most time he will want to play with the water and didn’t do it properly. We have also lowered the hook for the hand towel, so he can reach it to dry himself.

Emerging Skills

  • Draws a vertical line
    Hmm, I have not really seen this. But till date he still grabs his pens or brushes. He still doesn’t know how to hold them properly yet.
  • Speaks clearly all the time
    Well, when he isn’t excited and goes on babbling, we can mostly understands what he is trying to say.
  • Balances on one foot
    Yes. He never had problem with gross motor skills.

Advanced Skills

  • Puts on T-Shirt
    Don’t think so. Will still need to loop it over his head. The hands part I think he can do it more or less himself.
  • Names one Color
    More than that. He knows Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple, Blue and White in English. Thanks to school for teaching him. I think he knows Red and Yellow in Chinese too. I’m trying to teach him more colors in Chinese.
  • Names one Friend
    More than that. He is able to name his friends in class. Hannah, Iman, Yolanda, Ethan, Jia Qi, Jo Jo, Joy Joy is the few I can remember. He is able to name his teachers too. He could even remember the names of our friend’s son, Ethan, who went to the Zoo with us. And when I told him about Ethan’s parents name, Uncle E and Auntie C, he is also able to remember and tell us about it.

He is half way through his terrible twos. So far there are days with melt down and days where he is really obedient. Recently, he also got into the whining mode and I told him straight in the face that if he talks like that I won’t be talking to him. It seems quite effective now, he will tend to stop after a while. I realize there isn’t a need to scold them or give in, just ignore them. It works most of the time.


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