Playground @ Tiong Bahru Park

I have been bugging Chubby to bring the kids to the playground @ Tiong Bahru Park. And we finally did it on Saturday!

I admit I initially thought the playground is at Henderson, but I googled and its actually Tiong Bahru Park. The location is near Tiong Bahru MRT and is just beside Gan Eng Seng Secondary School.

Train Playground @ Tiong Bahru Park

The main attraction of the playground has got to be this. The boy was so excited when he saw the “choo-choo train” from far. And exclaim that he is going to the train. Initally, I thought the train was just an empty tunnel. But I was wrong. There are actually different obstacles inside each cabin for the kids to play with. But I think supervision is required if you have young kids.

For Zai, he didn’t played very much inside the “cabins”. He preferred to walk round them. Between each cabin there is actually a walk way that is like a hump. So the boy enjoys walking up and down. There are a total of 4 slides if I didn’t remember wrongly on this train structure. Two are “tunnel” style and two are open, which provides lots of fun for the kids.

However, the down side of it is that the slides does not end on the “ground”. That is there is a rather big gap from the end of the slide to the sand ground. So when Zai slide down one of the tunnel slides, he literally bumped onto the floor on his butt. It could be fun for the older kids, but Zai got a little shocked. But he soon recovers and opt for the open slides where he can see more properly and break his slide so he can climb down.

Rockers @ Tiong Bahru Park Playground

Another good thing about the playground are the rockers. In normal playgrounds, you can only find around 2 rockers. But here, you get at least 6 (I can’t remember the exact numbers). And the best thing is the rockers are of different height. There are a few where Zai can climb out on his own easily. Whereas in our neighborhood playground he probably have to step onto the tail and get up on it dangerously.

We also spotted a merry-go-round there. I forgot to take picture of it. It is the traditional metal type which I use to play when I was young. Apparently our boy didn’t like it but I think I will get Chubby to try with him again the next time. Erm, I have motion sickness so I can’t join him on it. There were also two swings. But I didn’t let Zai try as (1) there is always somebody playing with it, (2) its not those where he is covered to his waist. I was afraid the boy will jump down from the swing.

Loi Sleeping @ Tiong Bahru Park

While the boy was enjoying himself, the girl fell asleep. It will be sometime before she can join her bro at the playground. And when the time comes we will be very busy. No time to take a breather, unlike now we can rotate turns in looking after the boy.

Also to note, the place was rather stroller friendly. I manage to push Loi around, even to the toilets, without lifting the stroller. There is also a big area at the toilet so we can “park” the stroller there while we wash up. However, I notice that there is no diaper changing facilities around and the female toilets only have taps. I heard there is a feet washing area in the gents. I thought being a sand playground, they probably should have left the feet washing area outside so everyone can access. Or better still have a “family toilet” where everyone can wash up or maybe give the kids a quick shower. The boy had sand all over his body including his hair at the end of his play. We took a pail of water to clean him up but the water was cold and I don’t know if it is related, he is suffering from a cold right now. 😛

All in all it was a fun place and we will definitely be back.


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