Vintage Car Exhibition @ Tg Pagar Railway Stn

Thanks to a Mummy on SMB (sorry I can’t remember who), I came to know of a Vintage Car Exhibition at the (old) Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Actually Tanjong Pagar Railway station is about 15 minutes walk from our place. So instead of driving, we decide to walk there. And the boy had lots of fun standing on the buddy board.

Walk to Tg Pagar Railway Station

Look at the smiles on his face. He even asked us to run! Lucky its Daddy who was pushing the stroller.

Walking along the Track

The first thing that attracted the boy was the railroad. He kept telling us that he wants to walk on the railway tracks. So his dad brought him once and I brought him twice. Its “cute” how my little OCD boy will try to push the stones on the wooden planks to join the rest. He started off using his feet. But there were some that was “stuck” onto the planks so he started using his hands too. And when he saw stones that were burned black, he told me that the stones were painful.

KhiuKhiu and Zai with Retro Mini

That’s my bro and Zai with my bro’s favourite Mini. We heard from our Mum that our Dad use to own one of these. But he sold it when he needs to marry my Mum. So we all have some feelings for the Mini Cooper.

Engine Driver Loi

It was nap time for the girl. Maybe she got into the driving mood too. She has fallen asleep but her hands were still on the “gear stick”.

Retro Muah Chee

There were some stalls setup along the platform. And we got the Muah Chee to eat. Look at how the boy is enjoying this all time favourite of ours. But I must say this muah chee was really good, it was soft to my liking.

Mickey Volkswagon

Doesn’t this car remind you of Mickey Mouse?

Like a real Driver

I like how he put one hand on the big steering wheel and another on the gear stick.

Retro Vespa

Chubby says he wants to buy something like this so he can send the boy to school using it.

We had a rather fun time at the exhibition. Although the boy wasn’t so interested in the cars that he couldn’t hop on, but it sure fun for him to walk on the tracks. And the passport chopping stations along the platform certainly brought back memories for some of us. The only pity is that we were so busy taking photos that we didn’t get to go on the free-ride in one of these retro cars / bikes.

I hope there will be more other exhibits at the Railway station soon and we can bring the boy back.

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