Zai’s 1st Teachers’ Day

This post is overdue. But the boy was home on Friday so I have little time to blog. 😛

Teachers’ Day Card

This is the “card” we did for the teachers. I happened to chance upon some foam stampers from Dasio under their book scraping corner. So I thought this will be an easy craft for our boy to do, stamping out the names of his teachers. I got the Faber Castell finger paints from Popular and used it as the ink for the boy to do his stamping. I wanted to let the boy paint more but alas it proves a little difficult. We spread the activity over two weekends before we can complete all 3 cards. The boy wasn’t willing to “paint” with instructions. The stickers were also chosen by the boy himself and he pasted it. But I think he chooses the animals that he likes rather then what he thinks of the teacher.

Apart from the cards, we also baked some cookies.

Teachers’ Day Cookies

Yup from ready pre-mix. Its difficult to engage the boy attention for too long. And it was a mistake actually cause we didn’t try baking the pre-mix before hand. We have tried the muffins, but this is the first time we tried the cookies. As a result the cookies weren’t as “pretty” as they should be.

I’m glad that my boy is involved in the making of his own teacher’s day card. I hope next year he can do more!


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