The Little Mom

I changed my blog title today. It used to be called “小不點看世界”. You can read about how the name come about here. Searching for the post I realise I have been using this blog title since November 2006, that is coming to 6 years. Time flies.

So why change the name now? Well, the main reason is because I haven’t been blogging in Chinese for a long while, so I guess its time to change away the Chinese title, plus I think its time to re-position the blog. Furthermore, 小不點 is no longer “小”, she is already a Mom of two so this nick will have to “walk” into history (*sobs, I don’t want to grow up!*), hence the title no longer make sense.

So why “The Little Mom”? Well, I still love my nick a lot, to translate 小不點 it means “Little”. Besides, this blog revolves around my kids these days. Hence I think “Little Mom” seems to fit the bill. Furthermore, I think there is always so much to learn in Motherhood. All I know is so “Little”.

So with this name does it mean that I will be blogging just on my kids? I guess they will still take up like 90% of the blog posts. However, I will still wish to find time and blog about my own thoughts of other things outside motherhood. And also on the activities without the kids or better still if I’m able to go back to reading on the books I read.

So welcome to the first post under the blog title “The Little Mom”.


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