Little Ones Reading in Aug 2012

This time round I brought Zai to the lib and let him pick some of the books he wants to read which proves to be quite good as he is really interested in them. I will have to bring him there more often though its not easy to manage him there. Well, we will think of a way…

Old Macdonald Had a Farm

This is the book he picked. In fact he walked along the shelves and picked up a few version of the “Old Macdonald”. I read it to him there but only borrowed this home. He likes this book as it slowly reveals the animal by having holes to show them on the last page. So he will flip the pages and identify the “new” animal that was shown. And on the last page there are more animals and the sound they make.

Maisy’s First Clock

How can we not go home with a few books on his favourite character right? Maisy’s First Clock teaches how to read the time. But our boy seems too young to really understand. But he enjoys playing with the “clock hand” so I still borrowed it (The clock on the top right is an ‘actual clock’ where they can change the clock hand). He is not able to understand the time but he is able to talk about the activities that Maisy was doing as he identifies with them. He also had fun trying to “hunt” for Maisy’s panda which appears on every page. On the last page where Maisy is about to go to bed, there is a sock on the floor. So I asked Zai where is the other sock? He looked around and told me its “under the bed”. I laughed but am glad that he can come out with some answer.

Maisy’s Train

Maisy Train shows his different friend on his train and going over the hill and into the tunnel. I think this is where he picked up the new word “tunnel”. So when we travel in the car and goes thru the “CTE tunnel”, I will size the opportunity to tell him that we are going into the “tunnel”. And he will tell me “Oh, out of the tunnel already”.

Ten in the bed

“There were 10 in the bed. And the little one say Roll Over Roll Over…”. I didn’t know this is rhyme until I stumble onto it on youtube. I borrowed this book simply to teach the boy some early math. I guess that since he like “5 Little Monkeys” and “5 Little Ducks” my guess is he will like this too. But I didn’t know he will like it so much. The book talk about the different “animals” that rolled off the bed. And had a sound (e.g. ouch, crash, pong, etc) when every animal “fall off”. So I read the sounds to him and he can’t help giggle. He really loves the sounds alot and will repeat after me. He also learn a new animal that is the hedgehog.

Pete’s Potty

We borrowed the girl version the previous time. So I finally found the boy version. Yes, this is to promote potty training to him. Not much effect but I will continue to borrow more such books for him.

Where is Baby’s Belly Button

This is not the first time I’m borrowing this book. We have started with the Chinese version and I think he have this book at school too. And through this book he has learnt “belly button” and also the terms “behind” and “under”.

Little Red Riding Hood

The classic story. I wanted to introduced Zai to more classic story. So far he only knows about the 3 little pigs. So I thought “The Little Red Riding Hood” will be another good story to introduce since it has “Big Bad Wolf” too. But he isn’t so interested in the book. In the end I read the book to Loi and let her feel the different pages since its also a touch-and-feel book.

Baby’s Very First Touch-Feely Bedtime Book

I remember last time I borrowed the Christmas version for Zai and he likes it alot. So when I chanced upon the Bedtime version, I decide to borrow it for Loi. But I find this version not as interesting as the Christmas one. Most of the touch-and-feel elements are similar while in the Christmas version, there were more objects with different material.

Bouncy Baby

This is a lift the flap book. Maybe I haven’t read enough to Loi so she is still unable to lift the flap in the books yet. This book teaches some actions which I try to relate back to her day to day activities like splashing the water when she bathes.

小老虎, 睡覺了

The only Chinese book we manage to read this month. It’s a lift the flap book. Surprisingly the boy likes it pretty much. I guess maybe its his favourite animal plus he can relate to it. What happens in the story is the little tiger comes out with a lot of excuses before going to bed. Like he is still sleeping or his younger sister is not asleep yet. And this is what Zai will sometimes do when we asks him to go to bed. He will tell us “Not Yet”.

So I came to conclude that if the book is something he can relate too, he will like it more and remembers the story better too. So I shall take this approach next time I borrow books for him.


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