Zai @ 29 Months

Its time to chart the boy progress again!

  • Put on clothing with assistance
    He will attempt to put on his pants but most time ended up with two legs in one hole. After putting his T-Shirt through his head, he is able to put his hands through the sleeves with help. He is able to put on his own slippers now. So his progress in this area is not really very advance.
  • Name at least 6 body parts
    Head, Tongue, Neck, Shoulder, Feet, Toes, Hair, Hand,
    Butt (Thanks to Big Bad Wolf of 3 little pigs)
  • Balance on one foot
    That day he is hopping from one foot to another and was able to stay on one foot for sometime.
  • Identify on color
    Thanks to school, he is now able to identify Orange, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink. Sometimes Blue although whatever color he doesn’t know he calls it blue.
  • Identify one friend by name
    He is able to identify the name of most of his classmates. That day he came back with a “party” bag in his school bag. So I asked him whose birthday was it. He replied “J Birthday”. I was a little surprise cause J is a relatively new classmate. Maybe with him for about 3 months and he is able to call out her name and also understands that its her birthday.
  • Encourage Creativity
    The boy loves painting. I recently brought him some finger paints too. He had hell lots of fun but the house was dirtied. Next time I will lay some newspapers and do it in the corridor. So I can wash them off by splashing water.
  • Expanding verbal skills
    We are trying to make him talk in proper sentence now. Like he use to say “Zai wants Maisy Mouse”. Now we will make him repeat “DeeDee, can I watch Maisy Mouse please?”. And not forgetting the “Thank You” after that.
  • Toilet Training
    That day after bathing, he was naked in my room while I was trying to help him apply lotion and dressing him up. Suddenly he told me “Zai wants ShhShh”. So I quickly brought him to the urinal and he peed. I was very happy. In the past he will just peed onto the floor. I think he is more or less ready for toilet training but we are waiting for his school side to start so we can match their training. No point training at home but he still wears diapers in school.

Zai has been asserting his wants in the recent weeks. And even resorted to throwing a big tantrum when he can’t get what he wants. So we finally start to see some power of the well known “Terrible Twos”. We are still trying our very best to teach him. And we realize that sleep is very important. When he doesn’t have enough sleep he gets real cranky and it proves very difficult to get him to behave.

And the other day there was a little incident. Zai didn’t want to eat his rice and told me he wanted to sleep. So I brought him to my room and let him sleep as per his request although I know pretty well he is not that sleepy yet. Tired maybe but not sleepy. I gave him two chances asking him is he really sleepy and he standby what he said. So I stayed with him in the room. Although his cousins were outside playing and actually we were celebrating one of the cousin birthday that day. So he hears the celebration going on but he didn’t cry or request to go out. He kept by what he said and lie down on the bed. It took him 2 hours before he actually fall asleep. And by then its about his bed time.

From this incident, I’m don’t know if it is good or bad. When the celebration was going on, my MIL actually wanted to ask him to go out. But I insisted that he stays in the room to fulfill what he claims. My actions were because I want him to not “lie” about what he says. If not, next time he will just claim that he is tired and get away with it. He can tell me he doesn’t want to eat his rice but he cannot lie and says that he is sleepy. But on the other hand I’m not sure if this means my son is very egoistic. He rather not take part in the celebration then to bow down to us. Which ever case, we have to see as it goes. I hope such things don’t happen again.


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