Photo Heart Fridays: Big Brother


I look at this picture and I just couldn’t help find that time really fly pass when you have kids. Look at my girl, she is able to stand with support now. And my boy has learned that he is a GorGor and what it means. We actually didn’t really teach him much about being the “big brother”, however, whenever someone make fun and says that they will bring “MeiMei” home, our “big brother” will go to her rescue.

The other day we were at a departmental store. The cashier started “playing” with Loi and Loi reciprocate back by smiling. So I asked if the cashier wants to carry her. And Loi gamely let her carried. And at this moment, the GorGor started crying and insisted that I carry back MeiMei and not allow a stranger to go near her. Ah~ it warms my heart. I hope he will continue to do so next time when they are older. Always there to protect his younger sister from all the harms. 🙂

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