NDP 2012 Preview

With some pure luck, we got 4 NDP preview tickets. Together with my bro and his GF, we brought Zai for his first NDP (preview) show!

When we reached there we realise that Zai needs a ticket of his own. Even infant in arms need a ticket. Luckily we didn’t bring Loi along. But we really couldn’t understand why they need a ticket since they are not taking up a seat. Well, their explanation was that in the event of an emergency they will have better control or something along that line. They told us to wait and see if there is anyone who came along with an extra ticket, which base on their past experience there is. Well, we have no choice but to wait. And in less than 5 minutes they came with a ticket from our zone. Although the ticket looks a bit questionable but we were glad to go in and so we aren’t going to be bothered by it.

After a long walk, we were finally inside and manage to meet up with my bro who came in earlier to help reserve seats for us.

Rummaging thru the fun pack, I found the tattoo and asked Zai if he wants to stick it. Of course he want. He picked the Singa Lion and there he goes, ready for the parade!

Lion and Boy

Soon the pre-parade started and our boy was absorbing the atmosphere and following instructions. He bangs the clapper together when told.


After the warm up, the choir started singing before the arrival of the MPs.


And the “boats” getting read to fire the cannon.

Cannon Boat

Arrival of the “president”.

The Parade

And its time for the National Anthem.

National Anthem

One of the portions I like best about NDP. Airshows!


Alas, the wait proves to be too long for the boy that he fell asleep soon. But luckily he manage to catch the red lions and the air show which to me are the highlights.

Sleeping Child

The highlight for the night, FIREWORKS!


After the parade ended, we walked a long way to Lau Pat Sat for our dinner and took a bus home. That is our boy fooling around.

Fooling Around



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