I can’t exactly remember when my son picked up this word. It certainly has been a few months. I like the way how he uses it.

For example, yesterday he was playing with his new marble rolling toy, he told me “Only put here”. Indicating the hole I should drop the marble in when I cheekily put it through another hole.

When it comes to his fav biscuits ” Only Zai eat. MeiMei too young”.

And a few days back he was reading a book about Maisy’s clock and there was a page of Maisy going to the supermarket.
He pointed to the picture of a cheese and told me “Cheese”.
I replied “Yes, Maisy eats cheese”.
He says “No! Only mouse eat cheese.”
I replied amused “Yes. Maisy is a mouse. She eats cheese.”
He got a little agitated “Only mouse eat cheese.”
Still amuse, I replied “Yes. What do you call Maisy?”
Softly he replied “Maisy Mouse”
Me “See you already say she is Maisy MOUSE”
Desperately he replied “Only mouse eat cheese!”

(There are many more examples that are quite funny. But that’s about all I can remember now.)

Notice how he uses it only at the beginning of the sentence. It’s always “Only something something”. I think he picked it up when we tell him “Only one”


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