Art Garden @ SAM

We finally brought the boy to the Art Garden on Saturday after talking about it since June!

Walter greeted us the first thing we approach SAM. Our boy is so excited to see such a big rabbit that he keeps on exclaiming “Rabbit! Rabbit!”.

Walter @ SAM

Everyday Wonders
This was the first activity we did when we were finally in the museum. We redeemed the clay flowers and Zai got into making his “art”.

Zai @ Everyday Wonders

We were told to make patterns on the clay flowers using the “Everyday Things”. Well, this activity is not so suitable for my 2 y.o. Without any instruction from me, he picked up the clothes peg and clip it to his clay flower (read: squashing one of the petal). And then he notice the keys and started poking it (read: there was almost a hole in the center). And finally he took a metal clip over, but he didn’t use it on his clay but pass it to me. I print the side on my flower and thought the pattern look really nice. I asked him to try and he poked into the center again.

Zai Poking a Clip into his Clay Flower

His interest in this activity was lost very quickly as he couldn’t really make nice patterns. He wanted to run to the next room while I fumble to keep the clay flowers.

Activity Room
In this room, he was given coloring sheets for him to do coloring. I asked him if he wants the bird or the rabbit, and his choice was obvious, it has to be Walter.

Coloring Walter

Orange is his favorite color now. You bet the color he chose for his rabbit has got to be that. After drawing a few lines at the front, he started turning the paper over and draw on it. His attention on this only lasted slightly more than the clay flower. Before he started fooling around like finding a pink stool, carry it to the table and ask me to sit on the pink stool instead of the yellow stool I was sitting on.

On seeing his this, I brought his attention to the “chops” at the other table. I thought this activity should be easier for him.

Chop! Chop! Chop!

There was another boy about the same age as Zai or slightly younger already at the table playing the chops with his mum when we join them at the table. Zai had a fun time playing with the chops until a little incident happened. The boy wanted the chop with flower I think and Zai was holding on to it. And since I see that Zai has been playing the same chop for sometime already I asked the chop from him and got him another chop to play instead. After a while, Zai requested for the “bird” chop I think, which the little boy was holding on to. So the mom tried to ask the boy for it. But the inpatient boy couldn’t really wait and took the chop that he has on his hands and ran back to the pink table where we sat when he did his coloring. And told me he want to play with the chops there. I told him no and he is to put his chops back at the original table. Obviously he couldn’t understand why and wanted to do it at that table. Since I see that he has been on the activity for sometime and to avoid a scene, I brought him out of the room to continue with other exhibits.

Reactive Wall
We went up to the 3rd floor and went into the room for the Reactive Wall!

Clapping @ The Reactive Wall

He was shy at first and we have to hold his hands to clap. And this was what came out.

The “reaction” after Zai’s Clap

He got a pretty large Betty Boop. And then I taught him to “shout” into the mic. Upon seeing that the pictures appear bigger, he started playing with it on his own.


And he got a rather big “ghost”.

Reaction from “Ah~”

And you bet he had a hell lot of fun “shouting” and seeing the reactions.

Let’s Dance

For this activity, we were told to get into a cubicle and dance. Our boy was just too shy nowadays and he just ran to a corner and stand there. Refusing to dance even when we moved and show him. So we left the cubicle before our 1 minute is up. After which, our little video was shown at the little corner of the large projector screen. He was quite intrigue by it and when we told him to leave he “ran” back into the cubicle but chose to stand in his corner again. We then asked him if he want to dance now. He shook his head but we kinda of feel he may dance once he gets warmed up. However, since this activity require someone to operate, we decide not to try again, in case our boy “play us out”.

The Art of Imagination

Well, our boy was too young to draw, so we didn’t really let him draw. But he saw the other family pulling the box out and he started doing the same too.

Zai @ The Art of Imagination

The boy is very cute. He thought this is some treasure hunt. Cause he took out a box, shake it, listen to see if there is anything inside, put it back into the shelves, take the next box and repeat the steps again.

Since there is very little things he can do in this section, we quickly brought him to the next activity.

Dress Me Up
This has got to be his favourite. Initially, he was only attracted to the cake in the center. But we brought his attention to the “figures” on the wall. And he wanted to bring the “stars” and “moons” on the cake to paste on the figures. Until we showed him the shoes. Like most Mommies mention, the exhibit was a little too high up for the kids. So Zai only manage to put on shoes for them.

Putting on Shoe for “MeeMee”

He saw this “big” girl and claims that it is MeeMee and put on the “shoes” for her. Initially, he took a “shoe” and told me its “socks” (and yes it does look like socks plus its cloth so he associate it with socks) and proceed to put it on for the figurine. After which, he pass me another “shoe” and told me to put it on. I took of the earlier pair and put up the new one that he pass to me. He told me no, must wear socks first and proceed to take off the “shoes”. Ah~ its at this point I realize its so difficult to explain certain things to toddlers. Kudos to all pre-school teachers (especially my boys’).

Later on, he found MaaMaa (Paternal Grandma).

Dressing Up MaaMaa

Its cute why he insist that is MaaMaa and remembers her as wearing “specs” although my MIL recently went for LASIK and is only wearing specs when she reads. He chose the clothing and shoes for MaaMaa and proceed to take a photo with her.

Photo with “MaaMaa”

He had so much fun here that we literally have to carry him out of the room. Otherwise he will continue to run around and mess with the shoes. Its really a pity we didn’t have much time that day.

We visited the Squid next. But Zai was totally not interested as he doesn’t really understand the motion sensor part. So we went into the next room.

Grow a Garden in the Dark
Zai only show mild interest in this. He wanted to touch (read: pull) the origami on the wall, but we stopped him. And he notices some of it on the floor and picked it up and told me that they have dropped and request me to put them back.

Zai @ Dark Garden

The kind staff also gave him an origami but the boy told me to put it up on the wall, so in the end we didn’t bring the origami home.

Film Screenings
We ended the trip with the film screenings. Chubby happen to see part of the film by one of his ex-students. But the boy wasn’t interested since the one we are watching is not “animated”. So we left the place shortly.

Only when we were out of the whole event did I realize that I missed the exhibit on the first floor! The Echoes-Infinity-The Forest looks so interesting! Before I step out I was still thinking why there is nothing for the first floor? But I did try to look around but I didn’t see any rooms that I could go in. Hmm.. I should have asked and refer to the brochure which I took. *sad* And yeah, we skipped the table tennis since our boy is not tall enough.

All in all we had a rather fun time. $10 for an adult but for a few hours of fun for my boy was money well spend. I will be back next year again!


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